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May 11, 2006
Happy Veteran November 11 remember those in Heaven gave Their life to save this nice country we live in. they were brave Women and men, soldiers quit their day job just to stay involved With protecting our freedom, their love and blood open the doorknob To all we enjoy today in a true way GOD blessed AMERICA, enemies Test our character daily and fail to penetrate or destroy our vicinities we prevail to demonstrate centuries of braveness the fight must go on our might ignite us we strong even in the crisis of ISIS we’ve shown no surrender in our agenda not a tender situation the origin unknown on this enemy the fight must go on, the soldiers have led sincere even thought the perpetual dread of fear exists each day it’s clear believing in Democracy has a price tag, can’t escape the race that shapes the face of freedom, soldiers hurl pride worldwide and set examples nothing replace their dedication, fought in many nations in plenty situations always victorious the glorious US FLAG FLIES and wings the soldiers plan over land notorious combat afterward grab that habitat time for a pat on the back for all who served democracy powers saved now flowers for these brave one AMERICA undisturbed Give a true salute to the new recruits that comes in harms way And be armed everyday ready to do battle if need be, alarms play A part in our defense veterans are alert and involved do an expert Job of protecting the US, with knowledge and ability it’s hard work in habitats alone known as combat zones the use of missiles, pistols and rifles it stifles the enemy in the vicinity no identity in stay in contest or struggle bless to juggle freedom and win deadly conflicts, every November it’s time to remember the men and women that give their service and life HAPPY VETERAN DAY
“Look girl like a car I smash into trees
then spend cash with MC'S
its hard to jest trash these
girl your hair is fine
what you do in your spare time?”
SHE SAID: “SHOP TIL I drop cell phone get air time
so plenty twerk in a mini-skit outside
sunny sky and I'm a honey pie got pride
but talking to a funny guy must hide
oh he chased my lace all over the place
wanna take me to Jared embrace my waist
put a ring on it and get married and taste
my love, HE SAID “circumstances has accelerated romances
after slow dances still for dates no chances
so boo my ride outside it awaits us you
got pie cake and crust, tonight math
is on a flight path to collide with the wrath
of numbers and hath ridden in hummers
play the Lotto with hidden numbers
you a Black Soul S-ista even plumbers
knows Black Hip Hop now girl a date
would be great make no mistake
Black Sweaty thighs while confetti
flies so let me tongue you ready
we can share a menu
then tear into
a restaurant and order steak
I'm sprung too, lets sit in the car
eventually we'll git to the bar”
SHE SAID” oh a black girl go through
a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH lips so true
and red and begin
to make boys head spin
my thing so pink and deft
had to think to my self
panties real hot down there


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