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    April 16, [email protected] 6:00 P.M. = APRIL 17

    THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM Coming into orbit in our solar system--
    7BC, APRIL [email protected] 6:00 P.M.:

    Retrograde & A rare Triple Conjunction

    This is what the Shepherds saw when they looked up into the sky
    that night, while a woman lay in a booth & gave birth to a malefactor
    that was laid in a manger.

    This ancient holiday, EASTER, set around Roman Empire times was set at a rolling holiday and could be set either in the month of March or April. But it became two distinct holidays that was worshiped at one by the Roman empire leaders. The Israelite [Jewish] PASSOVER holiday was changed after the Crucifixion of Jesus to be observed in the spring at the same time that Easter was observed. And both of these holidays were ancient observances. Easter was an ancient pagan holiday and due to my research, I believe that it was based upon the advent of a new star phenomena that came to be associated with an ancient matriarchal figure(s) that was worshiped at some distant time. PASSOVER too, was observed in a more distant time in antiquity and was distinct apart from Easter, but however, even in these remote times, the both of them correlated to each other. Nevertheless, before the Romans changed the Jewish holiday to be observed at the same time as their Easter holiday, Passover was set to be observed way back during the time of the EXODUS and it was instituted as AN AUTUMN FESTIVAL that marked the AUTUMN EQUINOX. But does it matter that we know the true date of THE CRUCIFIXION for which EASTER is observed by todays’ Christians or, should we just brush aside the idea of complete truth of which the Bible is suppose to represent? Jesus said:

    For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall
    exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye
    shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven. ST MATTHEW 5:20.

    After the ‘class action’ and the crowd of Jews declared publicly that they wanted to be governed by the law of the Romans, they had no rights in regards to the Romans making it law that they would be allowed to observe PASSOVER at the same time as their EASTER, but does that mean they and today’s Christians are suppose to ignore the truth concerning the fact that the Romans changed the dates and times of their mandatory holidays? If the Church bases their entire religion on Jesus, then why do they completely ignore the actual date that Jesus’ was born, Crucified, Resurrected and Ascended? Why would the Lord God go through all of the trouble to have his holy priesthood mark these important dates in the holy scriptures concerning the prophecy of the first and second coming of Jesus Christ and not require the Church to teach them today? If the church doesn’t teach the whole truth about Jesus being marked with a star on his birth and throughout his lifetime on earth, then how can the church be sure that they are actually observing the Biblical Jesus but instead may be perhaps worshiping a FALSE JESUS, meaning THE ANTICHRIST?

    According to the Bible, the Exodus, which marks the PASSOVER, occurred in autumn, therefore that would mean that Jesus was CRUCIFIED during the Fall season and not the springtime. Therefore as the Bible also details, the other mandatory observance instituted at the time of the Exodus by Moses was THE FEAST OF BOOTHS [ie FEAST OF TABERNACLES] and this was set to always occur sixth months later during the springtime. Therefore when Mary and Joseph journeyed down to Jerusalem to be taxed, they came into Jerusalem during the springtime at the time of the FEAST OF TABERNACLES. Therefore, it should make sense that Mary gave birth in a BOOTH! She gave birth to the Christ child in a booth because there was no room in the inns and the baby was laid in a manger. Thanks too, to science and technology, we can confirm this ancient historical scripted event about the birth of Jesus based upon the advent of a great star that appeared and was also recorded in the Bible and by other civilizations even at the time of Jesus’ birth. Therefore today, even though the ‘BLACK’ CHURCH completely ignores this event and believes that it is okay to teach that EASTER was the time that Jesus was Crucified, this would be wrong. Springtime is actually CHRISTMAS TIME, the time when Jesus was born, not Crucified. The Crucifixion did not occur until thirty-three and a half years later after Jesus’ was born, and it occurred during the Fall time. Also, because of this star phenomenon that happened on one specific day, we know too, that Jesus was born, not on the scientific New Year, but he was born during A LEAP YEAR, and so he was born in the second month of April a few days after the full moon.

    Based upon the accurate measurement of time, the great star event occurred on April 17 and this would be the day that Jesus Christ was born. Scholars and scientist today, also mark the year of Jesus birth to be about 7 BC or 6 BC [ie different calendar by different governments]. Because many people today overlook the fact that the Romans changed the Jewish Passover holiday after Jesus was Crucified, they also may not understand the sixth month time discrepancy that automatically occurs and therefore some scholars say that Jesus was born in 7 BC and some say 6 BC because the Roman NEW YEAR began on January unlike the Jews whose New Year began in September or October with respect to the third year being a leap year.

    At the time of the Exodus, the New year for Israel was changed from being the scientific New Year which occurs in the month of the VERNAL or SPRING EQUINOX, the month of MARCH 14, and it was changed to occur in the month of the AUTOMNAL EQUINOX, that being September 14. So PASSOVER was observed in September and THE FEAST OF BOOTHS was observed sixth months later in MARCH which was originally the first month. March became ‘the seventh month’ for Israel. But on the leap year which occurs every three years, Passover was observed on OCTOBER 14 and then six months later, the Feast of Booths occurred on April 14. So instead of being the scientific ‘second month’, April became ‘the eighth month’ for Israel. With this understanding then maybe many Black Christians might better understand the Bible recordings.

    So the New Year for Israel began every year with a mandatory celebration in autumn, Passover, at the time of the Full Moon, September 14 and therefore the spring festival began on their New Year every year on March 14 with the exception of the leap year. So today, had it not been for that great star event, then perhaps the Black Church could make an excuse for teaching us today, that ‘it really doesn’t matter when Christ was born’. Nonetheless, because of that star which science still confirms today, the actual day and time that Jesus was born becomes a fact, not theory. Interestingly too, this day, APRIL 17 was also the day that Noah’s flood occurred as well:

    In the six hundredth year of Noah's life, in the second month,
    the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the
    fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of
    heaven were opened. GENESIS 7:11.