Black Poetry : Happy Birthday Sister Queentswana!!! Let's do a Birthday Poetry Cypher!!!

She's that kind of sister
not of blood, but of spirit
With a presence so intense, you can
feel her miles before you even get near it

A sister who hasn't walked a mile in your moccasins
but appreciates the wear and tear of your shoes
She celebrates with you during your highs, and
understands your tune when you're singing the blues

That kind of soul sister that you grew up with
the one who is from around the way
There are those times she overstands you not from
what you've said, but from what you didn't say

She's that sister in the Destee neighborhood
whose home always has an open door
Leaving her warm abode with much food for thought
never knowing what you're next visit will have in store

Within this sister lives the spirits of our ancestors
For she's filled with such wisdom untold
Not everyone is blessed to be inhabited by the ancients
The sister's spirit is something to behold

So I consider all of us to be "cyberly" blessed
behind a computer screen yes, but still she's here
to remain that kind of sister
we've come to hold so dear

Happy Birthday Queentswana
Luv ya!!!

Ok... Who's Next? :)
watzinaname said:
Happy Birthday Sister Queentswana! May you enjoy this, your day of birth to this earth!

:skate: :qqb014::haha: :wave: :welldone: :bday: :flowers: :grouphug: : :birthday: :qqb011: :dance3:

Now, let's do a poetry cypher for this deserving sister. I'm sure we all can think of more than a few rhymes and reasons to send birthday wishes this sister's way.
Dipping my quill into some ink... I shall return...

The greatest gift on earth would be,
to have my MOTHER share this with me.

Cause as well as I, was brought to earth,
it was you :spinstar: "MOM":spinstar: ...who gave me birth!

As I'm texting this now, I could feel you near,
my spirit told me that you'd be here.

So I'm compelled to smile on this day of your BIRTH,
that you pushed out a 9 pound girl to this earth.

As they bow :bowdown: to me today,...
Here's my bow :bowdown: to you,

For the fact that
the universe blew your spirit this way


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