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Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
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Happy Birthday Baller !!!! :birthday: :birthday: :birthday:

Beautiful Sister TotalView ... :love:

Love You Both! ... :grouphug:

Happy Birthday to USSSSSSSSSSS !!! ... :birthday:




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Jan 28, 2001
the near north
the things you miss during your absence. my apologies for my tardiness.

THANK YOU, good friend TotalView. a wonderful day it was...which would have been made even better had i saw these special words on that day. THANK YOU.

Destee...we have come a long way. and, yet, our journey has "...only just begun." THANK YOU.

My Season Has Come
I have grown…maturely
I have matured…gracefully
I have seen the lack of respect
In how the young ones act
And reacted…distastefully
~ My apology ~
I have grown in my views
Viewed many things…old and new
I have given opinions where opinions weren’t wanted
I have explored the soul of the blues
~ Give me Jazz everyday ~
I have grown more patient
Patiently, I have waited
…For hopes and dreams
To realize their plane of existence isn’t fated
In a reality unlike mine
So, I decline the offer
To be demure in my proffer
Of day-after-day
When my rhyme-scheme says
It’s time for the laughter…to start
The seasons have blossomed
My petal stands true…and tall
No wilting wane, or waning limbs
To stem the tide of my daily whims
My season has come
I am
With me
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Destee wrote on Joyce's profile.
Thanks for the Blessing! Love You! :kiss:
Making sure I do more than I did yesterday. Progress is the Concept.
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Welcome Back Sister!!
Love and Blessings!!
Hey Sister Destee just logged in to say Love you and miss you much! Hope you are well.
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Hi Sweetie Pie Honey Bunch!!!! :love: ... it's good to see you! I hope you and yours are all well and staying safe. I Love You! :kiss: