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Mar 22, 2004
Where the Niger meets the Nile
On this day we will refrain from displaying chemical or heat processed hair. If you cannot wear your natural hair because of roots or whatever then wear a hat or African head wrap.

I don't know who is sponsoring this special day but I put a natural hair ecard at Lovely Day Rainbow Ecards
click Ethnic+African+holidays
Sister River ... Thank You for sharing this with us! :toast:

So the Family can know, when we talked about this in chat the other evening, you suggested that we have some sort of celebration here at destee, perhaps including contests, prizes, etc., for those who have taken the very big and bold step of loving and embracing their own natural self, the way God made them! It's not an easy thing to do, not in this world, where straight and not curly, is the standard of beauty. I'm all for this, and whatever we collectively decide upon, will be fine with me.

So the Family can know, Sister River suggested a prize for the biggest afro, or some other like contest! :D

Well ... while that may be good for us ... i found the official site that will be hosting this 6th annual event ... ... and they aren't really focusing on how big the afro is ... but that's okay, we can do what we want ... celebrate how we see fit ... just let me know what you think ... everyone ... please ... let us know what you think!

For those who will be in Richmond, Virginia August 30-31, you may want to check out the schedule for this event.

Happily Natural Day - Its Bigger Than Your Afro

Happily Natural focuses on social change, cultural awareness and holistic health & wellness. Since inception it has placed a specific focus on natural haircare, cultural heritage, and naturopathic medicine. Workshops are held annually on modalities for holistic healing, natural haircare & naturopathic medicine. Lectures on history, culture and heritage as it relates to Africans in America & throughout the Diapora are presented by scholars of wide & diverse backgrounds.

Happily Natural initially focused on natural hair, which resulted in being called a natural hair "show". However; it has a deeper significance and does not simply show patrons the latest in natural hair styles. Happily Natural tackles the tough discussion of "nappy" hair in the African community. Issues of self-esteem, identity, inferiority complexes, socio-psychological wellness are dealt with through informative sessions and presentations.

Hosted annually through the collective efforts of a wide array of institutions, businesses and dedicated individuals; Happily Natural is a vehicle through which grassroots organizations, cultural activists and community advocates can network and interact in a festive atmosphere while promoting upliftment of the African community. During the festival, patrons are given the opportunity to talk with scholars, vendors & musicians. Community oriented poets, visual artists, and socially responsible business owners work together to inspire, illustrate and network to create cooperative socio-economic realities throughout the Diaspora.

Happily Natural Day will take place on the weekend of August 30-31 in Richmond Virginia. The festival is August 30th 2008 at Ginter Park Elementary School 3817 Chamberlayne Avenue. On August 31st the Richmond Hip Hop Summit will convene at Virginia Commonwealth University. Stay tuned for the official schedule by joining our email list.




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