Black Poetry : Happily Ever After!!

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    Look into my eyes...
    Can't u see the love in me?
    Why you trying to hide it
    I know u diggin me
    I see u everyday at work
    and when ur eyes meet mine
    they say out loud baby please be mine

    I feel like I wanna give u a chance
    but I have never been the type
    to make the first move
    but u are soooooo fine
    if I don't say nuthin'
    I must be outta my mind

    You are everything physically
    I'm attracted to
    but I don't even know a thing
    about you
    except that the way u walk
    sends me thru the roof
    and the way u smile
    at me when u pass me
    keeps me blushin
    like a love-sick school girl

    Ohh I see u now
    walking pass my office
    and I should speak
    and say something like good morning
    but u are soooo **** fine
    I forgot to speak and
    instead my mouth just hung wide open

    **** that was embarressing
    for u 2 see me staring at u
    like ur a juicy steak
    but **** if u don't
    make my mouth water!!!!

    So now I'm sitting talkin with my girlfriends
    in the lunch room
    and here u come walking thru the door
    looking sooooo handsome and sexy
    and u didn't even pay attention 2 anyone else
    ur eyes gazed straight at me
    and immediately I say to my friends
    " is it gettin kinda warm in here
    or is it just me"
    and they laugh and tell me to make my move
    but I am a lady not a bloodhound
    so I keep my kool
    and we continue to look at each other
    throughout the entire day
    and I wanna tell u that I have a thang 4 u
    and I now u feel it too
    and I'm loving this
    But I don't know what to do

    And at the end of the work day
    I'm walking in the parking lot
    going to my car and I hear someone say
    "excuse me beautiful lady"
    when I turn around it's u!!!!
    I play it kool and ask if u were talking to me
    and u reply "of course"
    as if I didn't know that already
    and u introduce urself
    and so do I
    and we began to talk
    and u tell me that I've caught ur eye

    You tell me u've been wantin to make a move
    but u didn't know if I was feeling u 2
    so u waited until the right time
    and this was defintely the right time!!!
    we exchange numbers and call each other
    and make a date to wine & dine
    and slow dance and romance
    and we connect and establish a bond
    from that very first date
    And ever since then everday u have treated me like queen
    and we're in love now..

    We wed a year later and lived in pure bliss
    traveling all around the world
    what could be better than this?
    And here it is, 7 yrs. later
    and we have 4 kids
    a mansion and a beach house
    and we love each other more and more

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    and congratulation 2 u both for the happiness ahead