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Feb 15, 2001
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I know that everyone does it. Babies do it. Men do it. Women do and even dogs do it, but when did **** become an afternoon discussion topic?

During a weekend get together with some of my friends and their wives. I was captive to one of the most fascinating and disgusting conversation I've ever heard. I should have gone with the guys to pick up James from the airport, but I didn't want to get out comfortable chair while I recovered from a half a bottle of Jack Daniels on an empty stomach the night before.

If I had know the direction the conversation was going to take, I would have gone to Hong Kong to pick up James. Unfortunately for me, when the conversation shifted I was too hung over to catch the unsubtle change. As I sat there holding my head in my hands I suddenly realized they were talking about ****!

I heard it all from how many days it had been since taking a good **** to the size and color of the ****. From there, it got worse. I learned what to do if you're constipated, what laxative to avoid and even how it was important not to strain too hard in order to avoid straining yourself and getting hemorrhoids. Disgusting!

Maybe they forgot that I was there, just as I wished I wasn't there. I love to hang out with my boys, have a drink and tell a few lies, but ****, we don't talk about ****! We may talk ****, but we don't talk about it.

We like to talk about sex and money, but ****? My head throbbed as I listened to the gory details. My stomach was rolling and tumbling trying to make up its mind if it was worth trying to keep down the remainder of that Jack Daniels. Finally, they went out side and left me to my thoughts, an aching head and the imagined aroma of ****.

Whatever happened to good clean topics like screwing and getting head or even malicious gossip? Unfortunately, I have heard this conversation many times since then. Do women have bowel problems? If they do, please wait until I leave before discussing them. Jeeeez!

It's been about two weeks now since the last discussion of bowel movements and over-the-counter laxatives, but I just can't snuggle up to my wife at night as the thought of getting a tobacco stain on pajamas haunts my dreams.
Amun!! Now how is somebody supposed to comment to this? ANyway i'm with you bruh....This is just one example of how our subjects of daily conversation has gotten stranger and stranger over time....We talk abpout stuff today that we would have never spoken of years ago...I mean men and women both talk openly about sex acts and preferences while at the job on lunch. If you ride public transportation is not strange to hear middle age women talk about how glad they don't have a period to worry about anymore. Just the other day I was talking to a female co-worker and in open conversation she started talking about how many times she cums during sex. I'm like you...Sometimes we give to much 411 and its really not entertaining at all.
I Know, I know!

But I am serious. I have never heard so many Sh*T conversations in my life. It was never a topic of discussion at my house. In the rear of my mind there is a thought that says perhaps having children does something that messes with the plumbing, but I don't want to know. I have commented to my wife to please have those discussions when I am not in the room. Of course, she mentions it tome any way like I really want to know. That is TMI (too much information) for me.

I always tell her to keep it a secret and if she must tell someone, tell her doctor or her friends but leave me out of it. At last I have found a subject that I don't like to talk about and with this writing it is done. I just wanted to know has any one else experienced this?

Ra :confused:

i'm glad you left the link to your column in your post to my piece... cause i would have hated to have missed this one!! i have laughed so hard!!... thank you!! **** Happens!... indeed!! but i have to agree with you... i don't particularly wanna hear about it... or discuss mines with anyone. (lol) butttt... i have to agree with Bishop... we are openly discussing lots & lots of things that were never before spoken of in the past. & i for one find it refreshing!! :) there are some people who you just feel comfortable talking about anything with... & there is no pretense or pride... just honest discussion... & sometimes it's gross... sometimes it's shocking... sometimes you wanna scream "please shut the hell up... that's too much info!!"... but you don't. soooo... all i'm tryna say in a round about way is... don't be scarred by the "****" talk... (lol)... let your wife press her bottom against you at nyght (this is one of a woman's favorite things)... and DON'T EVA drink a whole 1/2 bottle of JD again!! :lol: ... oh & thanks again for inviting me to stop by & read... i'll definitely be back!!! :wink:

Mr. Daniels and I

Mr. Daniels and I have parted friendships. I can no longer tolerate his high handed and mean spirited ways. As of this writing we are no on speaking terms and I don't know if we will be at any time in the future, especially after the way he treated me. There was no call for that.



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