Black Poetry : Halleluah!!! (Thankyou Jesus!)

Desert Storm

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Mar 31, 2001
Can't explain
Just how good God has been to me

All though the devil try's to get in the way
And his fallen angles try to destroy me

I want to tell you
That I am so glad

That Jesus is my friend
Don't know what I do with out him

My life would surely be at an end

Early years
Thoughts of suicide

Pain so enormous and great
That I felt that I was going to loose my mind

But thank you Jesus
For delivering me

Thank you Lord
For calling my by your name

I worship you Lord
A revelation came to me the other day

I love you Lord
For you heard my cry

And didn't let me
Go with out a reason to
Go without life

I love you Lord
Words can't express

I'm so full of joy
That you give me so much peace

I love you Lord
Spirit so fervent and deep
I love you Lord
For lifting me up

And puttin the broken pieces back together again
Lord I adore you
And worship your holy name

Holy spirit
Rain down on me!

I was singing
"Nobody's supposed to be Here"
And you came and delivered me from my adveseries and afflictions

Freedom in the precious blood of Jesus
Joy and peace in your healing name

Some may not understand the reason why I sing
From long way I came
Sometimes without out an adequate meal
Sometimes without a place to lay my head
And the next day smile through my trials
When no one knew what I'm going through
Going hungry sometimes I fell asleep
Depression so deep,thick,you can swim in it

Thinking life's not worth living
Tried to starve myself to death

Y'all don't hear me now!
The devil (almost)had me
And was laughing at me

But the Lord stepped in and said "NO!"
See the Battle is already won
So lift your hands in praise
No weapon formed against me shall prosper in Christ Jesus Name!

I cried tears of joy
Prophecied to
I went up in a victory dance
Joy comes in the morning
Good things come to those who wait

Thank you Jesus
THank you Jesus
Thank you for saving me!

My feet are no longer on sinking sand
Mary don't you weep and Martha don't you moan
Pharoh's army drowned in the end
And we're going to cross the Red Sea

Desert Storm
God is good all the timw and all the time God is good. Amen amen and amen again. This here was like church. You done testified all up in here. Thank you for sharing. Our God is an awsome God and he reigns forever and ever. Don't let nobody turn you roud. All other ground is sinking sand and you standing on Jesus, you all right. Whew!!!!!! have mercy. I'm bout to get ta shoutin up in my office. Thank you I needed that.

With a silent thunder
She entered the place
Delicately removing
The intriciate definition
Of his-tory replacing
Them with beats of a
Heart pumping full
Of hopes and joys
Passion and compassion
Expression and confession
And a lesson for all
Who believe that they
Can take the place
now cemented By
God’s grace with
Her signature
Written in stone,
Proverbs 31…

GOD is in this place my friend... thanks for the praise party...


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