Haiti : Haiti's Leaders Show The Bankrupt Nature of Black Leadership

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    I was talking to a missionary brother who just return from Haiti recently and he told me of the almost inhuman way that the government does it's people. I don't have any links, so you'll just have to trust me on this 1. He told me and other brothers of the absolute devilish selfishness and arrogance of it's elite. There are tractors for farming, medicine, deworming kits for kids with worms, and tons of donated equipment from the international community. Everything from laptops to deepfreezers but it is all sitting wrapped in plastic as the government and Haiti's elite wait for tarrifs from the international community. They are litteraly watching their country die as they wait to be paid before they distribute any of this stuff. He and other missionaries have been kicked off the island and banned for trying to simply give untarrifed medicine to sick children and pregnant women. They won't even allow beds design for child birth to be delivered to hospitals. 75% of Haitian women give birth to children at home or in huts. Black brothers ain't makin it any better as 10s of thousands of women are having to scale mountains to escape gangs committing rape and banditry up to and including stealing children for money. These women are hungry and dying in mountains high above the cities. How come in this type of mess, the only thing a negroe can think about is bussin a nut? The Dominican army is cappin Haitians at the border and only allowing "very light skinned Haitian women" to cross under the condition that they leave their kids behind. Many are allowed to take their daughters but young boys are left crying and have to figure out a way to survive as long as he can walk. He says many people especially the media won't talk about it but some Domincan troops look closely at refugees to see if they have at least some white or Domincan features. He says he himself witness no less than 20 of these shootings and teargasing. What is happening there is an ignored crime and hardly anyone cares or even bothers to look especially Haiti's elite who are actually the ones along with the IMF(international monetary fund) who run that country. Just plain pathetic and more evidence of dead broke bankrupt black "leadership". Be back Monday, have a nice weekend and be happy at least for a night to be an American.
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    Why should I be happy to be American when they're the very ones that did this to Haiti?
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    what does that have to do with Black leadership?

    and who ever said a dictator or a despot is a leader?

    that stuff has been going on in Haiti for 80 years

    but how many other Carribbean Black nations go through that?

    why the blanket statements?