Haiti : Haiti: US to Re-Write Haiti Constitution to Better Service the One Percent

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May 6, 2013
Tue, 07/02/2013 - 22:11 — Ezili Danto

by Ezili Dantò
When the U.S. overthrew Haiti’s government in 2004, Washington proclaimed the invasion a “humanitarian” enterprise. Now it turns out that Haiti’s earth and waters are filled with gold and oil. The U.S.-controlled World Bank has volunteered to help rewrite the Haitian constitution, to allow easier access for foreign extraction corporations. Haitians must, as always, “look out for themselves.”
Haiti: US to Re-Write Haiti Constitution to Better Service the One Percent
by Ezili Dantò
It's a slightly repackaged imperial economic pillage but the same old arsonist/fireman modus operandi.”
The leech says, "I cling to you because without your blood, I have no life."
As long as white supremacy paints Haiti as a failed state [4] because of weak public services, when Haiti is prevented by US unfair trade and World Bank/IMF structural adjustments from investing in its own local economy and paints the Clintons, Paul Farmers, UN, World Bank, the NGOs and their three-piece suited Eurocentric-Haiti collaborators with the mark of international distinction and service to humanity, Haiti's pains will continue to be their cash cow.
"The holocaust in Ayiti continues. The insane imperial narrative and custom of honoring rapists, murderers, torturers, degenerate pedophile maniacs, pillagers, plunderers, enslavers and poverty pimps, starting with Christopher Columbus, who set forth the most prolonged genocides and horrific terrors in recorded human history, continues today. Officialdom honors the UN and UN envoys to Haiti as ‘humanitarians’ or ‘God’ bringing security, stability, peace, law, Christian ethos and ‘Western civilization.’ Too many have jobs, egos, power and prestige invested in the profit-over-people system to see that the current saviors of Haiti extend mostly the same narcissistic, cultural blindness and denials as the initial ‘missionaries/humanitarians’ brought to Haiti in 1492."–Ezili Dantò of HLLN, Oct. 10, 2011 , Bill Clinton has more power in Haiti than Haiti’s president: The Holocaust Continues [5].
There's a new move by the discredited Haiti rescuers, led today by Obama/the Clintons/USAID/UN, the Paul Farmer-led NGOS and their International Financing Institutions to refocus their fundraising scam away from "earthquake reconstruction relief" now to "cholera relief," or to "local agriculture relief," and "mining protection relief for Haitians!" It's a slightly repackaged imperial economic pillage but the same old arsonist/fireman modus operandi. Same failures intended to enrich the global North, impoverish Haiti (UN Capitalizing on Cholera: playing arsonist and fireman [6] and The Pain Rush in Haiti : Clorox Hunger lives in the same space that billions of dollars in "aid" are supposed to have being poured [7].)
The NGOs carry out US imperial policies in Haiti in exchange for "charity funding" - which means, they money launder US tax payer and donor dollars and put it in their pockets [8]. US imperial policies is about destroying Haiti manufacturing and local economy, expropriating Haiti natural resources and making a larger Haiti market for their subsidized Wall Street monopolies.

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