Chief Elder Osiris : Haiti, In A State Of Confusion And Discontent

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    Hoteph My Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Well what I am about to say may not sit to well with some of us but it is Time for the Truth be spoken to the Black African Nation, regardless of how fragmented and divided we have become.

    Many of us AfroDescendants in the Diaspora has lost all connection with our original Home Land and no longer take pride in making that connection with the Mother Land, Africa,

    We were Black and African way before what we now identify ourselves as in the Diaspora and yes we AfroDescendants did come to the Diaspora by way of the middle passage,so we should never lose our first love in anything we have been connected to and treated us with the utmost respect and in this particular matter I speak of Africa before the coming of the devil.

    We may call ourselves many things in the Diaspora, based on where we reside and even though the oppressors appear to have allowed their colonies to appear to be self govern and independent, even to the point where we rather identify with our colony geography in the Caribbean, Bahamas, South america and the USA, MORE SO WITH OUR ORIGINAL DOMICILE, AFRICA, lead us to know that somebody has done a hellava job on our physic.

    Case and point, look at the Africans in Haiti, playing little country state, don't have a solid economic base to call their own, certainly not self sufficient, yet having the gall of playing civil war and portraying themselves as revolutionary, being subversive in a dilapidated mockery of democracy,as one side commit murder against the other in the name of a phony appearance of democracy and Justice.

    That is not all, there are some of us Black Folks in america,other parts of the Diaspora and Africa, who set ourselves aside and apart from the brothers and sisters in Haiti, Jamaica, others along the Caribbean and in the Bahamas and in south america and simple because we might have been miseducated in the oppressors propaganda indoctrination houses call colleges and universities and claim their degrees of different caliber, we feel we have the right to look down our nose at our Sisters and Brothers in that part of the Diaspora who have lesser means and criticize them as they put on a display which show the result of our oppression by the western world,acting like savages,killing each other over something of no value,masquerading as little country states.

    Hey all of you Black Folks in the Diaspora, I am come to remind you of who you really are and where your allegiance should be and that is Africa, the Home Land of our Enslaved African Ancestors and there is where our strength lies, physically, natural resource and spiritually.

    We must stop killing each other over things that is incapable of sustaining us without the assistance of our oppressors and if we want to relieve ourselves in the Diaspora and in this instance, Haiti, we should move across that land call Haiti,removing all missionaries and burning all of their den of thieves, houses of deception, call churches, and their agents the so call preachers and priest, of lies and conning, to rid ourselves of the evil and propaganda that is spewed under such a roof and from such split tongue, causing us to be held captive,entangled in our own ignorance.

    We must pull the plugs out of our ears so we may hear clearly the words of that great prophet, the Honorable Marcus Garvey as he proclaimed to the world, there is only one God, One Aim and One Destiny,Africa !!!

    The Honorable Marcus also proclaimed that Africa is for the Black Africans and it is Time we heed the call and make preparation to establish a true sovereign and Solvent State for the AfroDescendants in Africa.

    Whether we go or stay, such should be the aim and goal of every AfroDescendant in the Diaspora and there you will always be able to come with dignity, to the Land of our Enslaved Mothers And Fathers, Africa.

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth !!!

    Let The Devil Be Damned !!!

    Complete Love To The Black African Nation