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Feb 28, 2009
Haiti Under Papa Doc Duvalier
Legacy of Duvalier's Rule in 2010 Haiti Earthquake
Jan 21, 2010 Faisal Hanif

Francois 'Papa Doc' Duvalier - The Big Feed and the Legion of Right Wing Sea KittMedia coverage of Haiti's devastating earthquake has revealed the impact of the nation's beleaguered history. This had much to do with its infamous leader, 'Papa Doc.'

Haiti is a Caribbean Island with a population of just over 10 million. During it's 200 year history it has suffered under the yolk of colonialism and dictatorship, whilst engaging in revolution and rebellion. At present it is ruled by a democratically elected government, yet poverty and deprivation is all too clear a sight throughout the country.

After the Haitian Earthquake which struck on January 12th 2010 some have labeled Haiti as one of the unluckiest places in the world, due to the constant turmoil that seemingly engulfs the nation. Former U.S. presidential candidate and evangelist Pat Robertson has recently stated that the nation's luck has to do with a pact made by Haitian's with the devil during French colonial rule.

U.S. Involvement in Haiti
This controversial comment ignores the U.S. involvement in Haiti which during the Haitian Revolution between, 1791-1803, was interchangeable between the ruling French and the revolting slaves led by François-Dominique Toussaint Louverture.

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Between 1915 and 1934 the United States occupied Haiti by massacring 3250 natives. Although the U.S. occupation brought some prosperity to Haiti it left the country with a 'doomed' financial structure. A $40 million loan imposed by the U.S. meant that much of the nations wealth went to offshore creditors instead of reinvesting in the country's economy.

The Rule of Papa Doc Duvalier
In 1957, Duvalier better known as François 'Papa Doc' Duvalier was elected as President in Haiti and ruled until his death in 1971. As a young child Duvalier had to suffer the humiliation of his mother being declared insane and incarcerated in a mental asylum in the Port au Prince.

The stigma and shame felt by the young Duvalier implanted in him a deep resentment of mulattos (people of mixed black and white ancestry who formed the old elite of Haiti), the Catholic Church and foreigners in general which he outlined in an ideological tract.

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Duvalier's project rested on the concept of negritude. This was a movement that had been started in the 1930's by a group of black Haitian and American intellectuals who preached that their common black identity should lead them to reassert their racial pride and reject white dominance.

The movement had originated in Haiti as a reaction against the materialism and crude racism demonstrated during American occupation of the country during the 1920's.

Tonton Macoutes
Duvalier had studied closely the careers of despots like Hitler and Stalin and in the same fashion established his own secret police the, 'Tonton Macoutes', (The name derived from the old Creole language for 'bogeyman', and was traditionally used to scare disobedient children).

This group comprised of the misfits and criminals of Haitian society. They were each given a gun and some money and ordered to target the poorest sections of society who dared vote against Duvalier.

Papa Doc's Personality Cult
At the same time Duvalier created a personality cult by surrounding himself with the mystical aura of voodoo. Images showed the President dressed in a white top hat and tuxedo and wearing sunglasses. This was a costume that was traditionally worn by the voodoo God, Baron Samedi who in Haitian culture stands at the crossroads on the pathway to death.

Papa Doc also had a torture chamber constructed in the basement of his palace in Port au Prince. it was painted rust brown to hide the inevitable bloodstains and had peepholes drilled through the walls where the president would watch his victims suffer.

Attempted Overthrow of Papa Doc
Initially the American's turned a blind eye to Duvalier's regime due to his opposition to communism at the height of the Cold War. in 1963 President Kennedy decided that the regime of Papa Doc had become an embarrassment in the region and offered support to anyone wanting to overthrow the despot.

The invitation was accepted by long time opposition leader Clement Barbot who attempted the assassination of Duvalier’s son and heir John-Claude 'Baby Doc' and his daughter Simone. The plot failed and Duvalier died peacefully in his bed only to be succeeded by his son who would become known as Baby Doc.

Haiti Under Baby Doc Duvalier
The son continued where the father left off and ruled until 1986 before he was chased out of the country by a popular uprising. With the assistance of the U.S. he was exiled to France alongside his family where he continues to reside.

The legacy of the Duvalier rule brought great misery to Haitians and worsened their plight reducing many to poverty and persecution. Haitians have fought on from those darkened day's and the Island even recorded a 6% growth in economic output in 2009.

The shadow of the Duvalier regime still remains as represented by the massive damage to infrastructure and chronic poverty as a result of the 2010 Earthquake in Haiti.

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Oct 4, 2009
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suffering often times begets more suffering...

one love

with a trillion dollars,

the best technolgy in the world and,

the Africans who battled white supremacy before anyone

in need?

what do we do??


Mar 26, 2003
my comment was in reference to the suffering poppa doc inflicted on his people....

ur the man with the action plans brother....
i'm just a simple man with barely a plan for me and my family....

one love


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Feb 28, 2009
...Since the election of Francois “Papa Doc” Duvalier in 1957, until his death in 1971—followed by the presidency of his son “Baby Doc” until 1986—billions of dollars in developmental aid have been sent to Haiti by the United States and Canada with the vast majority of the money being stolen by the “thug in power” and his cronies.

Recently, the U.S. and Canada have been sending $715 million per year—and to what end?

Junk cinder block buildings that collapse? No utilities infrastructure. No emergency plan. No heavy equipment or trained people to use it.

It is not enough to feel good about ourselves for sending aid and seeing photos of kids eating bowls of rice or holding pencil boxes.

This is serious money that needs to be spent with accountability—for the benefit of the people of Haiti.

These same people are now hurting. Let’s get the proper help to them as soon as possible. Then, let’s come up with a better plan.

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