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Jul 26, 2001
By Andre Austin

The late Robert Kennedy once said in 1963 that an African-American could some day be president of the United States. His prophecy might be ripe for 2008 as Barack Obama is seizing the moment of his popularity for his quest for the White House.Senator Ted Kennedy and President John Kenndy's daughter have closed ranks to support Obama. And many other Americans are crossing their fingers and keeping up high hopes for Obama. Many Americans believe Obama can help the nation get over the legacy and curse of slavery, our founding birth defect.

However, some scholars are debating if Obama would be the first. One of the first pioneers of Black Studies, J.A.Rogers claimed in his 1965 book, The Five Negro Presidents, that some of our U.S. presidents had mixed color in their ancestral tree. The candidates he names for having the possibility of being mixed are: Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Vice President Hannibal Hamlin, Warren G. Harding and Alexander Hamilton. Out of these six I will highlight two that have the strongest cases to support. Unfortunately, I was surprised that J.A. Rogers didn’t include Dwight Eisenhower. I was a little bit personally interest in Eisenhower because I received my middle name honoring his death which was the same year I was born in 1969.Before he was president he was General Eisenhower who persuaded the military to a partial integration of allowing Black infantry replacements in all white companies. Eisenhower mother was a orphaned mulatto girl, Ida Stover-Eisenhower who marred a German immigrant, David Eisenhower, the father of Dwight.

Internationally two heads of state, one famous and the other infamous, had mixed heritage in their family trees. Hitler had a Jewish ancestor in his family tree named Solomon and Winston Churchill grandmother was ¼ American Indian.

Warren Harding and Vice President Hamlin are the most credible in reporting they were mixed which is due to their own statements in reference to the matter. The editor of a Black weekly newspaper in Cincinnati said he told blacks he was “colored”. When Republican leaders questioned him about the matter Harding said: “How should I know, one of my ancestors might have jumped the fence“. Vice president Hamlin said: “ I take my color from nature”. Plus, the Civil War General Butler wrote that he wanted to recruit a mullattoe regiment around the same completion of Hamlin’s.

Will America keep the faith with Barack Obama and allow him to continue on with the legacy of electing U.S. Presidents that are clearly multi-racial? The Times will tell


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