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What Is The Difference Between Egiptian Staues And Christian Statues ?

Hapi , the deity with the male body with breast and female hips , is the key of hermaphrodites . The Hermaphrodite which is the fertility people which also came down in the temple of Edfu , located in Thebes where Asaeu ( Usir , Osiris ) said '' I am the male and the female .

'' . He was talking about power of the deity called Hopi or Hapi . If you look it up you would see these things . However , these people all relay it back to coming out of the primordial seed , out of the water . That's why they say chaos is in the woman . There is no egg in Christianity . There is no egg in Judaism and there is no egg birth in Islam .

The only place where there is an egg birth recorded in in the Egiptian book of the dead . When they say that Ra came out of an egg and then the concept of a stork delivering the baby is the same story that the Christians Stole from the Egiptians . In Christianity the dove is used to represent Jesus at the age of 33 being resurrected from the dead or what was a dead state .

The Dove is The Holy Ghost , As you may have seen magicians use doves because , if you take a dove in your bosom or anywhere out of the light for a moment it goes into a coma state . The voice was behind the dove and Jesus was laying in a dead state and woke back to life . This again is an ancient Egiptian ritual that was borrowed from the deity Asaru ( Usir , Osiris ) when he was dead .

The deity Tehuti ( Thoth ) a Messa . Egiptian messiah with his power . gave Aset ( Isis ) the seed to bring Haru ( Horus ) to life . Like Jesus the messiah , did to Lazarus in the bible John 11 ; 43 , where it states ; and thus when Jesus had spoken he cried with a loud voice Lazarus come forth , and he that was dead came forth .

The fact is that humans have associated themselves with animals since the beginning of time and still do . Just take a look at some of these quite common sayings that people often use '' Sly As A Fox '' Quiet As A Mouse '' Fat As A Pig '' Slimy As A Snake '' . Busy As A Bee '' Strong As A Ox '' Stubborn As A Mule '' Blind As A Bat '' Slow As A Turtle ''

Amd many more . Christian Preachers have these cruel tendencies to intentionally mislead people by creating double standard and even fabricating new meaning to words that can be found , but they make the statement if you want to hide something then put it in a book .
What Is The Difference Between Egiptian Staues And Christian Statues ?

Egiptians are the furthest from being uncivilized , in fact we were the original gods and the civilizers of the world . The originators of the unadulterated Christianity not Paulism , which is taught today as Christianity . The Greek historian Herodotus said it himself , and I quote ; Almost all the names of gods into Greece from ancient Egipt , '' When the Greek established

their civilization they just took the already existing deities in Egipt and their stories and changed the names just like in the bible stories did . All of your Bibles and Koranic stories were copied from ancient Egiptian but they won't tell you this . The Masonic order George Washington belonged to was also Egiptian based . The wig that George Washington wore is indeed the likeness of the Namuz

The Egiptian head dress which represents the lion's mane as seen in the Masonic order . The symbol of the Sphinx . The combination of the pharaoh and the lion . The statue of liberty in the image of a woman when Exodus , said '' Take Or Make Unto Thee No Image For Anything , '' According To Exodus 20 ; 4 , Cameras , Videos , Movies And Any Other ,

Manchine That Can Duplicate An Image Is For Bidden And Christians All Over The World Are In Violation Of The Law Of Their God . Does That Means The Whole World Are Heathens ? And What About The British , Who Keep Very Large Family Pictures Along The Walls Of Their Homes , Are They Heathens ? Abd What About All Of The Presidents Pictures Lining The Walls Of The White House Are They Heathens Also .

They Would Like You To Believe That The Ancient Egiptians Were Pagans , And Heathens For Idolizing Their Ancient Ancestors . When In Fact Each One Of These Religions And Their Many Sects Pray To More Than One God , By Idolizing Hundreds Of Saints In Christianity . The Fact Of The Matter Is That The Ancient Egiptians Were Not At All Idol Worshippers . The Egiptians Gave Reference To Their Ancestors , And Sought Out Their Inner Divinity Which Have Them The Power To Believe They Are Gods All In All .

Adam never existed~Neither did Noah~Nor Abraham....

Therefore, what you post is pure allegory...:pc:

:pool: The biblical text is "not" an accurate authority on historical origins or of
geographical locations!:bingo:

Fine1952 said:
Adam never existed~Neither did Noah~Nor Abraham....

Therefore, what you post is pure allegory...:pc:

:pool: The biblical text is "not" an accurate authority on historical origins or of
geographical locations!:bingo:

O-really LOLOLOLOLOLOL . You know I could have Bet anyone here $ 1000 .00 you would have made that statement . But hey it's cool LOLOLOLOL NoBigThing ....
( What Race Were The Egiptians ? )

Just exactly what race were the original Egiptians ? Many wonder why the beautiful walls of Egipt were re-sketched and re-painted numerous times by European archeologists who spend millions of dollars in Egipt trying re-sketch tye walls of Egipt into Europeans , Asians

and mediteranean feastures , lightening up the skin complexion , changing the hair texture and everything you can think of to deceive you . Exactly what are the Europeans hiding from the world ? I'll tell you what . They're trying to hide the true identity of these woolly haired

dark skinned , beautiful featured , and let's not forget the well developed bodies of the original Egiptians . They can't let us have anything . There is no way that you can hide the race of the Egiptians , who were Melaninite pigmented people . These Melaninite people .

These Melaninite people are the black eace ? Why is it that the Egiptians were known to have had the most complete and detailed records of every aspect of life , but when it comes down to race , that record is just not recorded , but they are wrong .

It was just not reconrded in their names . Just like the word Caucasian literally means you are from the Caucus mountains between the Black and Caspian sea of Europe . The Egiptian were from Kemet or Kham as stated in your Bible Old Testament Genesis 5 ; 32 worded as ''

Cham [ khawm ] 2 ) in late usage , a collective name for Egyptians , so you see the word Kham , is an Egiptian word and means '' Blacks '' was borrowed by the Hebrews from Egipt . You can find this information in a book authored by E.A.Wallis Budge , in an Egiptian

Hieroglyphic dictionary on page 787 where he says that ; Kam or Kami means '' to be black '' . This is where Kham or Ham who was the son Noah of your Bible in the Old Testament came from Genesis 5 ; 32 , And I Quote ; '' And Noah Was Five Hundred Years Old ; And Noah Begat Shem , Ham , And Japheth '' .

So the original Egiptian race is very clear are real . In ancient Egipt , they had names for other Races also , starting with the Europeans who they also called Pa Tammahu . They also called the Caucasians Pa Tutaat , and the Egiptian were called '' Khamite '' blacks or Kemet , by all who saw them . However they did not call themselves Khamite .

What you see in Egipt today are not the original Egiptians . ( The Are Turks From Turkey Who Roamed The Altal Mountains , and Gypsy's From Armenis . ) < These People Are Trying To Pretend Like They Are The Egiptians , But They Are Not .

They Are Mixed With The Indo - Arabs From Arabia They Also Have The Greek's Gene In Them , But They Are Not The Original Egiptians . > THE EGIPTIANS DID NOT HAVE STRAUGHT , CURLY OR WAVY HAIR , NOR WERE THEY LIGHT SKINNED , WITH PINK AND CREAM PIGMENTATION OF THEIR SKIN .

( They Were Dark Brown To Black Nuwbuns ( Nuwaubians ) With Nappy , Woolly Hair . The Black Race's Greatness Has Been Accepted In America And Many Books As People Of Tim-buktu Africa , Or The Olme-cians From Uganda , Africa

Who Migrated And Walked Here To The North And South America To Set Up Colonies Way Before The Conti-nental Drift , And Were Accepted As Runing The Richest Trading Expeditions Ever . But when it comes down to us ( Blacks In The Western World Today ,

Who Are Trying To Claim Back Our True Culture And Nationality As The Egiptians ) Who Were Chased Out Of Our Homes The World Tries To Hide It . ( They Don't Mind Us Being Christians , Muslims , Israelite Hebrews , Africans , 5 Percenters Or Indians , But They Don't

Want Us To Link With Our Ancestor's ' Culture. You Can't Hide The Fact That The Egiptians Were Black , And That We Are The True Egiptians ! And I Will Prove It By Showing You Face To Face , Features Of The Same People , Walking Around Today , But Yet Have The

Exact Same Features Of The Egiptians , PICTURES DON'T LIE . Just Like The Europeans Accepted Us Nuwbuns ( Nuwaubians ) To Be The First Set-tlers Of America , Accept Us Now As The Race Of Egipt , Who Came Here And Settled From Uganda ( Egipt ) .

Accept The Fact That We Were The Pharaohs , Goddesses , Scribes , Alchemist , Pyramid Builders , Musicians , Dancers . And Great Inventors Of Our-History . Accept The Fact That We As Egiptian Were Black Rulers , And Pure As Ever !! All You Have To Do Is LQQk On

The Walls Of Sumeria And Egipt . And There You Will Find Yourself , The Negroid . You Will Find Your Blackness In South America And Central America As The Faces Of The Olmecs Long Before The Caucasoid And Mongoloid Came Here , These Olmecs Had Obvious

Negroid Features And Kinky Hair , Which No Other Race Or Animal On The Planet Earth Have . These States Reveal The Truth About Who The Indigenous People Of The Continents Of Africa , And North And South America Were , As Well As The Whole Planet Earth .

First , We Are The MOTHER And FATHER Of All Other Races , And Secondly Know That They Are All Our Children . You Really Only Have Three Races ;
1 , Negroid
2 . Mongoloid
3 . Caucasoid

The 2nd And 3rd Race Came From The First Original Black ( Negroid ) ! As True Egiptian , We Are Confirmed On The Walls Of Every Temple , Mir ( Pyramid ) Sebkhet ( Pylon ) , Granite Stone And Tekenu ( Obelisk Nee-dle ) There Is . So Europeans Denying The True Race Of The Egiptians ?


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