Black Poetry : had strange messes lets exchange addresses keep in touch after a deep search I was afraid of coming


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May 11, 2006
had strange messes lets exchange addresses keep in touch after a deep
search I was afraid of coming up empty, but found you in the street
look shivered as I reach to deliver a speech to the HIPHOP community
rescued by grammar, bless to use the hammer which drive nails through puny
hate now this is BLACK HIPHOP in VIRGINIA BEACH the streets glitter and
the sweets not bitter they will talk to a dude, walk in the mood and plan
in my hand "so boo here we stand at HARBER FREIGHTS with larger fate demand
a low price and have no advice on what to shop for got a hot car waiting
outside no doubt a ride can cool us off so boo this date stuff escalating
boo my true feeling is about to go through the ceiling this is revealing
my emotions while you dealing with oceans in your panties girl sealing
my love it's legit at the tiptop and fit for HIPHOP these scripts don't
stop "SO BOO let me grip your hot waist and come face to face I won't
chase your love, so boo I stable my mind quick able to stick to a chick
like duct tape my luck great, to the right MILTARY HIGHWAY run by slick
folks here shop for tools while HIPHOP in schools, girl your breasts grow
and your dress glow so lets go to the card make straight a great date yo
with cake involved girl; never live in stress I'll give you my address
had mad mess happen from rapping, I rap fly and deft then apply myself
while your pieon the shelf, gonna reach to VIRGINIA BEACH to get a deft
slice "NAW PLAYER inside my thing stable and pink sincerely now unable
to think clearly I'm a hot chick with chopsticks because I'm KOREAN LABEL
me a SEOUL CHICK, respect the beach and give a direct speech to boys lying
and trying to get some just because I'm a wet one but they get none flying
kites, strange dudes make change my attitude and rearrange rude dates not
for me, oh KOREAN girls go through a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH my kimchi is hot
and boys simply not gonna give up I live and duck each day in a mini-skirt
survive with stats and arrive at conclusions then strive for solution alert
while my mini-dress is pull down boys stress to go downtown,mess around have pies have sweaty yellow thighs and mellow eyes from PUSAN and do harm boys eyes
so they tries for pies, keep my thighs closed one boy buys a rose so when I sniff
then my mind drift, mess up my head even bless my bed caress my lips then lift
my mini-skirt which is plenty work pulling it back down, stuff I know quick
but boys throw a brick in the form of love talk, at the bar my groove slick
but far removed from the love talk hitting my ear I'm gitting to fear going
to bed may have a serious wet dream the threat is extreme my juice flowing
got plenty butter but can't let it go any further than the backseat knowing
I could get pregnant have a baby like UNIBLAB this is crazy, tomorrow alert
borrowed a skirt from my friend and it put a dumb spin on my life it insert
love into my butt strut and boys aware of that, so they gaze at this cutie
and amazed at my booty and says their duty to get me in bed yell tooty fruity
I wanna know why you want my pie and don't give me that story about you live
in glory and taking me to your crib is mandatory, pie phat like Adam's rib
now this is BLACK HIP HOP from VIRGINIA BEACH now in NORFOLK and a boy try
get some pie and I listen he was jest kissing my jaw I was listening can't deny
that but phat pie is a stat that boys love, can't be be rumbling alone and
coming home late from a date and on top of that its not a hot stat if you plan
to get cake my yellow butter strong but further on
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May 11, 2006
had strange messes
lets exchange addresses
a thug on location
with love negotiations
this maybe puny
but a crazy opportunity
to keep in touch
after a deep search
this could turn romance
after a concerned glance
a girl live with cake
but it's give and take
from a boy's standpoint
most of them plan to anoint
the fat lips on her thing
buy jewelry now prefer the bling
keep writing wild
scared like a frighten child
strike a match igniting a pile
of papers while fighting awhile

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