Black Poetry : Had a thug December as a club member wanted to


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May 11, 2006
Had a thug December as a club member wanted to
Blaze fools after they raised the dues vote unanimous only a few
Disagree and that pissed me off. It’s hard to wash behind my ears
If the wine appears expensive and intensive, defensive and sincere
Been here a minute, this tuff becoming a fast crisis like gas prices
Foul situation of harmnony joining the Salvation Army get spices
Get free shelter and be a helper on feeding the homeless and roam
Less in the streets and carry plans and themes plus drink alone
From military canteens, run through towns with a gun and two rounds
No fun renowned in crime and doing down time in jail with clowns //
My car horn warned of danger scorn as a stranger don’t belong
Here at this redlight trying to get my head right something wrong
This is bazaar and whack I’m about to get car jacked and walk home
No gift or treasures need swift measures of safety to face me trapped
In this crap perhaps man craving for fun waving a gun need a slap
On the wrist,a bad act he’s looking at my cadilac my thoughts overlap
It don’t make sense can’t defend against this


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