Black People : Hacking the Ballot Box

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    Hacking the Ballot Box

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    Hacking the Ballot Box has become a new art form in various individuals minds. With great questions raised about the current automated systems used in most modern day election, people have formed think tanks to prevent against hacking or to hack. One theory has come forward titled the “Cylon Attack”. Just like the new Battlestar Galactica tv series. The Cylon can look, talk, and feel human but a hidden agenda is there. The “Cylon Attack” theory is based around voting both volunteer worker. This brief essay will discuss the weak points in the current election system, the execution of Cylon plan and the results.

    The current election system relies on volunteers with little or no background check. Any Joe or Jane blow can join a election district and starting handling voters and the equipment. This anybody is now behind the lines once accepted by the election board. Once on the vote counting team, the individual has great access to the election system like no other.

    For example, as exposed in the documentary movie “Hacking Democracy” , one of the major systems used in many voting districts code was placed on the Internet along with it's infrastructure. The information was later used to expose weak security points in the election automated system. Although each point in the system was like having the keys to the car, there was one area in the system where all you needed was access to the gas tank and ,they car will not go.

    A data card is the gas tank. If Joe or Jane up to no good brought a pre configured card to the party or election district , all previous security checks would be invalid. As discussed before, the internal workings of most of these election systems were placed on the Internet superhighway. The person with their own datacard could make the bait and switch. When the polls are closed, all datacards are remove and put into a remote computer for that location and upload into the central system. If you don't think this is true, you should ask someone you know that volunteers. If the Joe or Jane team which could have one person in each district in any particular nation had one card with voting information that was invalid and that invalid card counted into the central system after a switch was made, all the election data could be invalid and not reflect a true count.

    As you can see, the current election process in most modern day countries is flawed. They allow any volunteer to join the process of counting votes without doing a background check, all current election system design information have been posted on the Internet and, it only takes one person to effect the vote counting process on a mass scale without any security checks after the cards are removed from the remote system after the polls are closed.