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    HAARP, The Foundation Upon which the Ionospheric Instrumental Weapon, Stand.

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From.
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    Keep Sharing The divine truth and Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    When dealing with and revealing Cosmic technology that is of a unimaginable high powerful level, Black people attitude toward such Reality is to attempt to minimize its Truth of Importance, by treating such a reality to be no more than fantasy or Conspiracy theory, taking on such an ignorant attitude when believing it have you to appear so macho intelligent, when in fact it reveal the depth of ignorance that now is generated by the low caliber of mind that now guide black people.

    Black people have lost our divine Mentality, which prevent us from entering into divine Meditation, so that you can exhibit the Divine spirituality needed to know of, and deal with those things being made to happen that is designed to bring to a stop, before time, the living of life in the way Life is designed to be lived, which is in Peace, comfort and free.

    So, where am I going with this, well, much time I do not know what is going to be revealed to me to share with you and that is why I am immune to the way you act to receive or reject that which I share with you, as you should have noticed by now, I never indicate being commissioned to tell you anything, just share with you Divine information that you can not and do not get from the low caliber of Mind that now guide the life of Black people, and you have shown no desire to obtain your Divine Mind.

    Hear ye Oh Daughters And Sons Of a Divine Race Of cosmic People, The time is now upon us that the great seers have warned us about, you now are in the corridor of the much anticipated Time, 2012.

    This is no doom day scare, and this is no Time to remain stupid in your action, this is a Time for you to be truly concerned about the Life of your Black Body, because Lucifer, the Devil, Satan is real, and this has nothing to do with the religious rendition of those Spirits display.

    HAARP= to be a High frequency Auroral research Program, a program that has developed an Ionospheric, Beyond Nuclear Weapon, it is a weapon in competition with Nature, a weapon that release cosmic sonic Electrical energy beams that is capable of counter commanding and manipulating the natural atmospheric intelligent designed action that keep the activity of the Universe, functioning Divinely, meaning in Harmony, Order, and Balance.

    Not so with the operators of the HAARP programed Instrument, an Interferometer Weapon that release Energy in various Elemental Quality, such as Electrical Waves that move faster than the Speed of sound, many time faster in velocity, Electric Beams more powerful than Hydrogen particles.

    Beloved, my point is this, much of the Physical Matter you see being destroyed and the rearrangement of weather activity and the shifting of the earth Plates, which cause Volcano eruption, Tsunami, Earth quakes, Powerful Hurricanes, and other Natural Physical disruption, there is Time when Nature has nothing to do with the cause of those action that is causing the disaster to occur on this Planet at this time.

    So I ask, could it have been that the Mayans and other seers of others planned information that revealed the intent of Lucifer the Human Being to destroy much of the world, the people being the source that constitute the world and Lucifer having the world as his Target for Genocidal destruction, using the cosmic Powerful weapon created by HAARP?

    As I have informed you, I do not make plan nor do I premeditate what I am to share with you, and you can take it or leave it, I do not depend upon you for guidance because you black people have proven that you do not give one **** about you, and you most certainly are not in the know of what and who you are, which is why Lucifer the Human Being is in process of destroying the world, in order to remold you into the drones he has designed for you to become.

    The action that you are observing destroying Japan, and has the capacity to have certain section of this planet world divided, and to become sicken unto death, such is not a Natural happening, it is the action of the Interferometer Weapon of HARRP, the same weapon used to destroy HAITI, and you Black people are to blind to see.

    so, share with me, today, what is the condition of HAITI, has that Island of black folks been reconstructed?

    Hell No, such is not the intention of Lucifer to make the life of Black people comfortable.

    You see, the Devil, Satan, Lucifer the Human Being do not carry such a quality of DNA that would allow him to show a mind conscious that produce respect for Black people.

    There are certain area of this planet where members of the world reside that is being bombarded with Radiation coming from Japan, not by Nature design, but is being guided by HAARP.

    You sit on your docile behind, believing that Lucifer will tell you the truth or will warn you when your life is in danger, when he is the cause for such danger to be, he has not shown any evidence that he has respect for the life he has caused to be classified to be of a lower class and most of all, Black, even though he has no respect for any life that is below his assigned status in life.

    There is being escaped from the Japan reactor, what is called, Mox fuel, which carry a stekt net virus, which can infect anything it make contact with.

    There are school of conversation that there is a intentional action to contaminate the food supply of certain regions of this planet, Japan being one among others, so that there can be a select family to monopolize the food growing on this planet.

    the HAARP weapon can guide the clouds infected with Radiation and plot out a path for the clouds to take, and at certain interval of time, can cause it to rain down that radiation, as some people are indicating, the world is under a Nuclear attack, there is a nuclear war gong on against the world, and you have no awareness of being under attack, as it is being systematically controlled to destroyed your life, which I am referring to.

    Be Kind to Your self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
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