Black Poetry : Gunfight @ The O-Kay Corral

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    Gunfight @ the Okay Corral

    By Andre Austin

    I get can down like James Brown

    So just get ready for the Big pay back

    I’m proud and I’m black and my words could never lack

    Please, please, please just don’t shoot me my Back

    Or else I’ll get revenge and March a Million streams of Mack’s

    And with the #38 I shall pack

    Yes I just feel so good in this I could win or fail

    I could get Glory or the victory for a cross and keg of Nails

    Jesus fugitively died in Sodom & Egypt for this we rejoice and we Wail

    Maybe our will be symbolically “The Gunfight @ the O-Kay Corral

    So lets get down lets get wet

    It ain’t over, its on and the die is set

    And if its gonna be wet then we must be in the Rain

    Which falls on the wicked and righteous so who gets the pain

    He used to be my man from a root its vein its main

    Like Chris Rock’s Top Five and Dre just Brings the pain

    But now who stays at the fences and who dives and take a bail

    Who’s is gonna be the winner @ the Gunfight @ the O--kay Corral

    We in the concrete Jungle it’s the Wild, Wild West

    A conflict between a counterfeit and the alternative of something thats best

    Who will lose and the winner take all to breed another Nest

    Who lies in State in the Mortuary for the eternal rest

    I just stay on my P’s & Q’s I coast and Sail

    I stay on the good foot with rabbit’s feet and his tail

    I just have to keep out of my feet the agony of cross nails

    And never get blinded by the smoke @ the O-Kay Corral

    Lets encircle around the Tower see who cast the first stone

    Turn the evil wind of that city and rename it “Tombstone”

    Get ready for the rope-a-dopey

    O’key-do’key, O’key-do’key, O’key-do’key

    Let the dead bury the dead and let the wise pick up the dry Bones

    The smart ones carry the plant of the Palm

    The sinners have myrrh and jars of fluid to Embalm

    A price advocates peace and tames a storm into calm

    The Charmers read magical books and righteous read music from Psalms

    Something heavy on you that I must lay

    No need to decode just listen to what I say

    I’m not the Joker and Ido don’t play

    I got the message about the beloved dead & its not Okay, Its not Okay, its not Okay