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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris

Guilt Is an Evil to Life Performance, It Subdue the Mind Process And Hold the Mind Hostage, Preventing You From Knowing The Divine Truth, The First Mental Step In Acquiring your Life Freedom. ( Chief Elder Osiris )

Have you ever wonder where the term guilt come from and who defined it to be and what is the cause of such a mental expressed condition ?

Is Guilt a part of the human being fabric and is it included within the spirituality of Divinity ?

Just as Evil, guilt is a created manifestation by the human beings, because our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors developed not the mind of Evil and Guilt, because Guilt is no more than Mental oppression, abused in such a way until the mind develop a conscious that is based on the belief of what has been established to constitute Guilt, meaning you must have followed the classification and definition of Life action that has been so defined by a society to be against the code of Law that rule that society, constitute Guilt

so Guilt is the creation and the manifestation of, and by somebody else, other than yourself opinion, about the way you must conduct your life action, and as it stand today, the Black guilt, coming from Black people, is a verification of our mental and social transformation, submitting to the code of Law that rule in the domain of the Human Being and not the Divine Being, because just as there is no evil, there is no guilt, within the Circle of Divinity.

What is the Mind other than Energy in action, is not all things the constitution of Energy, Divine that it is, and that Divine energy of Intelligence is Eternal Infinite, without having an agenda, It Is just a Containment of interaction of its unpremeditated Action, so there is no Evil Energy or Guilt Energy, there is just the Divine Essence, verifying the Divine Energy, and the Mind ? it is no more than an extension of the Divine energy revealing the institution Process we refer to as the Mind, the Divine Energy revealing to have Many attributes that is made to be Manifest while being established by coming from the Eternal Infinite Divine Essence, producer and Reveler of the Divine Energy, but that Divine Energy is having no influence over what It Produce to be Reveal, so the Mind, which is no more than Energy portrayed as Thought, intangible that it is, operating by the sensible thought process which is coming to be, that which we refer to, as being the Mind in action..

So the Mind is an intangible nonphysical action of energy, developed by the Sensual aspect of the Physical Being and is based on what the Sense cause you to be, when dealing in belief of thought, a spontaneous energy action which make manifest the germination of the Mind, that energy action which do become an intricate process of Life Sensual- mental motion, which bring into being the Conscious ( Mind ) state of the Life Being.

Now, there is what is referred to as intuitive interaction with the Life Being, such having nothing to do with the Mind of the Physical Being, nor does it interact on the Conscious Physical Level of Life, and the so call Subconscious Level of detached Life body action, is the Divine Dimension of non- Physical Thought, the intuitive Dimension of the Physical body life.

So when Guilt is made to be Present in the Body Life, it serve as a mental process that arrest the thought process and cause the Mind Process to go into a state of Depression from the Mental act of oppression, set off by the Social Standards so constructed by the Power Base of that Society you now are a prison of, they determining who is considered to be in compliance with a social created code of Law, with Rules Demanding to be obeyed, and when you become conditioned to believe in those social constructs, created by other than yourselves, you who is of a different Phenotype, living in an environment that you played no part in developing, then such an established environment carry only the Marking of those that are in Social- political authoritative control of that Society environment, having codes of Law that is the rule that determine and govern that society behavioral attitude, which generate a result when not obeyed, that of Guilt.

so what come from the breaking of the established code of Law which Rule that society, that society rule of Law which is what constitute Guilt when not in compliance and Guilt come from the fact that you have been conditioned to adopt that society code of law, which is based upon what that society consider who to be in compliance with its Laws and who is considered not to be in compliance with the Laws, and none compliance, bring on a Mind Thought of what is referred to as Guilt.

That state of Mind oppression can become so intense on the Mind process, based upon how you have been programmed to develop Thoughts concerning that society code of Law, until you go into a mental Melt down, which when you find yourselves not to be in compliance of that society laws, you manifest a Sense of Thought conscious, referred to as Guilt, a Guilt of which you played no part in developing the cause for such and had no part in creating that which established the code of law, which generate a Mental behavior, which brought about such Guilt, which is no more than a Conscious State of being, reacting toward something you have been conditioned to believe in, and obey.

So Such as that, is what constitute the oppression of Black Folks, with Religion serving as the back drop that cause the Guilt of Black People when Living a Life we are not in control of.

There is Man Made Guilt and Natural condemnation, Nature give you cause to know when you are doing something that is not acceptable to the basic Need of your Life action, and when you participate in such action that violate Nature Divine Law, a Chemical imbalance take place within you and do cause you to be not functioning within the domain of your mental ( energy ) equilibrium, which give you a Natural subconscious physical outer balance state of being, when that occur, the Mind tend to go on automatic and become self condemning of the action you took part in committing a violation of, not based upon any code of Man made Law, but on Natural unwritten Law, that which is based upon the principle of Divine Living and not Sensual Thought Living.

Guilt is Black People Mental prison, putting the Mind in a state of Oppression and can cause Depression and in those state of mental action, the body, Mind, and spirit, become a prisoner of conditional belief, a process of Thinking that arrive not from the generating of your independent Thoughts, but that of somebody other than your self, Mind Thoughts, a process of the Mind that can and does cause Guilt to be an intricate part of your Mind process, based and guided by man Made Rule Of Law.

A Guilty Mind Seek Not The Divinity Of Freedom, Such A Mind Is Not Calibrated To Have Such uninhibited Thoughts.

Free The Mind Of The Evil Of Thought and You Become Free In The Divine Of Your Thoughts And a Mind Of Freedom, Tolerate not a Mind Of Guilt, Which Lead to The body Oppression and Mind Depression, And It Is The Quality Of Environment That Set The Tone Of your Freedom And Your Spiritual Ascension, Divinely So.

Be Kind to your Self, Beloved

Chief Elder


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