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    I am ready in this hunger strike to go to the ultimate consequences, including my death," he said.

    "If they release those political prisoners, I stop my strike,"

    The 48-year-old psychologist and freelance writer stopped eating and taking liquids on February 24, a day after Cuban political prisoner Orlando Zapata Tamayo died from an 85-day hunger strike and became a martyr for the Cuban opposition.

    Farinas vowed that Zapata's death, which Cuban President Raul Castro said he regretted, would not be in vain and undertook his own hunger strike to demand freedom for 26 political prisoners said to be in bad health in the Communist-ruled island's jails.

    Cuban hunger striker says ready to die if necessary

    Cuba's latest dissident hunger striker, Guillermo Farinas, walks with a cane and complains that his thin body is weak but he said on Friday he remained firm in his goal: to die, if necessary, to bring change to the island.

    more on Tamayo

    A Cuban Political Prisoner Nears Death, Is the World Watching?

    Cuban political prisoner Orlando Zapata Tamayo has died

    This is interesting to me because I had never heard of Tamayo before, & had thought differently of Cuba...