Black Entertainment : [Guide] How To Make More Money Selling Video Games

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    At GameStop, if you tried to make some money selling your games to GameStop either in cash or store credit you won't get the full amount of money for selling the games the way you bought them. In order to make more money selling video games you bought from either GameStop or whatever. Go to or to sell your video games.
    1. You'll need a debit/credit card to use online.
    2. You'll need a camera to show a picture of the games you're trying to sell,
    3. either an or account,
    4. Set the price of how much you originally purchased the game online,
    5. and some package envelopes to sell the games online which you can get from Jewel-Osco or other grocery stores.
    If you follow the steps above, you'll make the same amount of money you bought for the games you're selling online which is way more than you will get for selling them at GameStop.