Black People : Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

Phynxofkmt said:

Not to worry (Brother?)(Sister?) Citzen and Brother Kamau47

Look for the KEY WORDS....


Aside from the 'obvious' I drew from your write up.

Consider the Asiatic in the "death" and clear DESTRUCTION of the AFREEKAN.

I don't have the legitimate statistics, yet, my anecdotal data suggest those yellow people are the heads in the behavioral/mental health 'field'. "Yellow people" including those from Indian, Pakistan and other points "East" in 'religions'. They are the Psychiatrist and therefore, 'leaders' of the programs and 'treatment'.

That's the first thing comes to mind when I Listen and Learn from what you have Shared. :bowdown:

I am not sure what the "meaning" is as I am investigating their source. Since I don't read Thai, I'm unable to decipher the teeshirts that the men are seen wearing.

This was posted on facebook, and many are stunned. I believe it has surfaced for a reason and ought to not be disregarded. I long ago wrote about the Chinaman in Africa, but I refrained from making any comments in the thread about his enterprising on the Motherland.

My gut tells me, that the Asiatic is a worse master than the Caucasian, and his intentions in the motherland will make colonialism look like good times. I truly mean that. I don't trust them. They are barbaric with their own people and have been for centuries.

And unlike the Caucasoid who has studied the Afrakan, but invited him into his family, the Asiatic will not do that. They will take from us whatever they find useful, including our bodies if science indicates it will serve them, and throw us away like dogs.

I know the images are disturbing and I wrestled with whether to share them. In the end, I figured that it was wise to let the forum members choose for themselves if they believe these are authentic and what that may mean for us.


Greetings SiS Phynxofkmt!

This is some deep ish here for sure. I talked about this during the first half hour of tonite's meeting. You can hear it by clicking on the link below..."LISTEN TO LEARN"....



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