Black Poetry : Guess Which Movie

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    Guess Which Movie

    Never taste crack forever embrace fact went to a race
    Track sitting in the stands lots of fans smurk on my face
    My girl flirt in lace while the cars run and work at the pace
    Of winning, the beginning so exciting the starting line
    Was flames, convinced by a stranger that at this time
    There is a sense of danger, lots to be learned today but
    I turned away but had this funny feeling hard to stay up
    On the race saw a crack in the beam now facts steam
    In my brain “how old is this place?” “why bother seem
    Solid to me” went to get drink and chips fear in my mind
    About to be given a clear sign hoping for sincere wine
    Returned with food concerned over my girl’s attitude
    “why did we choose the race track over a movie dude”
    Well boo I enjoy a crash for my cash and fast cars do
    Just that now comes a cowboy and somehow he annoy
    With his tall hat “can’t see at all could you move?” oh boy
    “Ok man don’t want to abuse the right to wear a hat but
    Don’t care about that but will move this still prove some up-
    Ity nice folks in this world he said **** I’m gone, now one
    Lady put tampon in her two kids ear and my buddy having fun
    With the binoculars they made him popular actually a disquise
    Wise bottle of gin and juice, one girl saw him drink very surprise
    “hey can I borrow your binoculars she grab it took a sip I looked
    Right at her lips then I had a collision with a vision I was shooked
    The oil spilled on the race track a silver car was ready to deliver
    A bizaare surprise mechanics strted to panic in a hurry started to shiver
    Left a half inch wrench in the gas tank rattling around the car took off
    Loud talking the crowd walking around while danger lurks nothing is false
    Still in my vision