Black People : GThere Is A Greater Problem To Black Afrikan People Than Trump!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
There Is A Greater Problem To Black Afrikan People Than Trump And It's Black Afrikan People!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Yes, Yes, Deny If You "Want" To But True Knowledge About the Black Afrikan behavior reveals that Black Afrikans are our Greatest Problem to becoming Free and Justifiably Independent, Black People.

So, some may disapprove the way I share with you Divine information and to the fact that I do not subscribe to that racist devil social and educated standards in communicating with you, **** all the public show we Black Afrikans perform when communicating with each other, when communicating the purpose should be to be innerstood, otherwise, no matter how verbally pretty you sound, what is coming from those sounds are nothing but what that racist devil has educated you to remember to believe and never to know.

I share information that require for you to think of and know about, following not the guideline of a liar and deceiver in how I am to communicate with Black Afrikan people, if that is what you continue to "want", then continue to follow after those phony behind Black leaders who tell you America is your haven of opportunity and never has anything to share with you about the need of Black Afrikans to return to Afrika with our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation so that we can work to become a Unified Black Afrikan Nation again in Afrika.

I live the Life I was Given, and I do not conform to anything unnatural, it is not of Nature design and the ways of that Racist unjust prejudice Luciferian Human Being toward Black Afrikan people, is not natural, and yet Black Afrikans are so loving and respectful of and to that Racist Devilish Satanic Lucifer Human Being until the Black Afrikans been well conditioned to believe that the Sun Rise and Set, is a sign to be bowing to that White Luciferian Human Being, of whom I have been granted an abundance of knowledge and innerstanding about which have me to be not a conformist too!!!

The etymology created by white folks is not the God King of written word communication, I give less than a **** how well conditioned Black Negro Afrikans have been so well conditioned to believe if what white folks have created for themselves for the world to revere, then all that white folks creates come from God, maybe so, but not from the Greater Good-God that does not interfere in the choices the Living Beings make as a way of living, beloved.

Listen Up Beloved and do try to innerstand what I am about to share with you, all that is accomplished by you under the banner of racist oppression does not carry the same value of importance to Black Afrikan people if you were under the banner of Freedom, so first seek you your Freedom beloved, is that so difficult to innerstand or is it that we have been made to have such a disrespect for Freedom?

Beloved, whether I use a C or five K"S in forming the word Afrika, that is alright to me, because I know that the Greater Good-God did not assign to white folks to be the linguistic Librarian to the words Lucifer have chosen to make up the English Language standard for Black Afrikans, the Luciferian world maybe but not for the Black Afrikan World.

Because, anything we are exposed to that comes from that devilish Racist Lufiferian Human Being that is injurious to the body of Black folks, we just place ourselves in the performance way of that racist Lucifer Human Being as we Black Afrikans pretend that all is well between Black and White people and it is, just as long as the Negro remain in the Lane of Lies and deception made to be for Black Afrikans to travel with a dunce cap of pretending on the mind Lucifer has trained us to use instead of our natural mind that have us thinking and not believing.

Ok, to us Black Afrikan people, have you notice how those phony behind Democrats have so smoothly gotten Black Afrikans obsessively hooked on the way Black folks have been conditioned to act and behave against Trump, as if the Black Afrikan world problem for being such a victim of a demon is to believed about Trump being our only problem and that it is Trump that stand in the way preventing Black Afrikans from being a Unified Black Afrikan Nation preventing us in Afrika from having a United State Of Afrika Government Governing Black Afrikan people and from having Afrika to be for the Black Afrikans with power and authority over Afrika, Black Afrikans who believe that to be true, then we certainly are the prime fool on the block of self-ignorance beloved !!!

The phony behind Democrats are well in control of the Black Believing Afrikan mind and when you have lost control of your mind you been set up to believe anything told to you by your educator and Lucifer is the educator of Black Afrikan people today!!!

That beloved Black Afrikans, is the reason why we Black Afrikans know not the Divine Truth and ignore Reality today, ignorance serve to be a lodestone to the Mind Black Afrikans now wear, it keeps the Divine Truth from rising above the Mind of Lucifer which now guide Black Afrikan people today.

Today, we Black Afrikans been made to feel comfortable in the way we live to believe today and belief is the mental house that Lucifer built for our Black Afrikan behind to live with,

In the wilderness of belief there is no desire for Freedom to come into such a mental insane environment which has been created by that racist unjust prejudice Luciferian Human Being, the believing mind is what keep Afrikans from making Afrika purpose is to have Afrika and Black Afrikans performing living as we do today and the Black Afrikan contaminated by the mind of our oppressors which we so honor today, is our major problem to the Black Afrikan Self, beloved.

Divine Respect.
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