Black Spirituality Religion : Growth is often painfull and scary....

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    Out of the book "'the purpose-driven life"

    There is no growth without change;there is no change without fear or loss;and there is no loss without pain.Every change involves a loss of some kind : You must let go of old ways in order to experiance the new :new: .We fear these losses,even if our old ways were self_defeating,because like a worn out pair of shoes ,they were at least comfortable and familiar..
    People often build their identity around defects.We say "'its just like me to be" and "'its just the way i am"' :great: .The unconscious worry is that if i let go of my habit,my hurt,or my hang up,who will i be?:tweety: This fear can definitly slow down our growth.

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    I do believe that with growth comes loss, but I don't believe fear has to be there for change and growth. I believe fear in the Father should be the fear we all hold, rather than fear in changing our ways from wicked to righteous. We should be eager to walk down the righteous road.

    The Son has done so for us when He walked down the road to His sacrifice for our iniquity. And what happened was His gain of life eternal after His resurrection from the dead. The same shall be for all who believe and trust in the Father and the Son, and their works, and all we need to have is faith and belief while keeping the commandments. :) Salvation won't be far, and neither the Glory of the KING.