Black Spirituality Religion : GROWING UP IS A CHANGE

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    Growing Up

    You can never really measure the time it takes for one to “grow up”.

    Growing up with regard to aging is still within the constraints of time, because with the regard for time as an illusion, the concept of growth, aging and time can be classified as physical transformations, but outside of the illusion, you can expand that knowledge to include internal transformation, of the physical manifestation of a perfect age to be.

    The world usually dictates the supposed age accomplishment should be defined in it's time. I guess the illusion committee with it's perfected manipulation, would even be so arrogant as to assume the numbered age one would be to be sucked into oblivion.

    The world will treat a being like a child at any physical age, if the mind is contained to being treated as a child, meaning being told who you are and what to be, with consequences for individual applications. To hold the mind of a child if conceptually applied would mean to keep in child like form, so that it may be dictated to.

    Growing up entails dependence on self, through the awareness of self

    Maturity is about acceptance, and the acceptance of your condition.

    Self Love is about looking in the mirror and seeing the perfect me, as defined by me, but I can see my soul, and that is the one thing that validates me.

    I can live with the world thinking I'm crazy, but I couldn't live with myself if I denied the validity of my own thoughts and feelings.

    God is Love, peace, loyalty, commitment, and undying infinity, so although I may act childish, I'm all grown up, and the perfect perceived age to speak of God on my own behalf.

    Contentment is knowing that GOD listens to me, but I listen too. I'm glad I learned to read and write English, but I'm more delighted that at the very least, I'm not afraid to share what's truly on my heart, even if I am the only one listening.

    All grown up, and on my own, without the suffering.

    And madly, literally, in Love with a Teacha, it might even be myself, perfectly, the same as day one, whatever time that is...

    Anger is a childish condition, and withers based on the projections of time. Youth is an inner beauty found in the concept of the heart, or rather the inspiration of each organ.

    Love makes me tick, and inspires me.

    You can't practice Love, or contain it, you just have to let it be what it is.

    Only a child accepts defeat in disappointment with regard to Love. If you give up on what you Love.

    Growing up means giving up on the world, and keeping your faith in the ideals and unique characteristics of your God.

    Living the principles that govern your unique mind, and fill you with contentment.

    Growing up means that I could never believe God to be, anything but Love, and therefore am no longer looking for a blessing. I am a blessing to myself, because I know God.

    And as my mind seems the illusion, so this world seems the illusion to me, the dreamscape for cowards, that have no heart to exist without lies.

    If I was a child, or had the mind of a child I would care about the salvation of an illusion, but if it is God's will for me to be here for a minute I do so with the knowledge that God would cause me no suffering, pain nor drag me through any obstacles or through dirt or mud.

    Any parent that would treat their child as such, is indeed the child leading the child, or worse the blind leading the blind.

    The concept of raising yourself and growing up is more in the acceptance of unique patterns of thought, and the ability to express compassion because compassion is the nature of divinity.

    Kindness isn't weakness, and only the world could dictate that to a childish ego.

    Grow up. I have....

    They say keep your eyes on the prize, but with regard to GOD, it is selfish to regard GOD or blessings as a prize for behavior. Why can't people just want to have a relationship with GOD because.................................

    And that's a grown up thought to think.