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Clyde C Coger Jr

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Nov 17, 2006
In the Spirit of Sankofa!

Brother Kemetkind ... i agree with all that you've said above.

I'd like to add that our home, this community, has high standards in general, when it comes to our interacting in peaceful and respectful manners. In this particular forum, even more will be required of every participant. Consider it a classroom. Be respectful of each other. If you don't do this, you will not be allowed to particpate in this forum, and possibly in this community.

Perhaps all Members that take part in this forum, should sign (post to this thread) indicating that they have read and agree to the Ground Rules? Word is Bond. Just a suggestion.


Sister Destee,

Your suggestion above is fitting and perhaps should be implemented. I know its been awhile since you have visited this Forum, and that Brother Kemetkind is only here intermittently; nevertheless, this whole concept of studying, indentifying truth and wisdom respectfully is necessary and it is apart from the day to day back and forth discourse...Peace In my sister friend.


Chevron Dove

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May 7, 2009
Ground Rules

Our initial purpose is collective spiritual and educational enlightenment.

We will undoubtedly engage in spirited discussion, but we will maintain that discussion with the highest regard and respect for each other.

No belief system is beyond analysis here, and personal assaults of any form are not welcome.

Should our momentum lead us towards it, we may embark on a secondary purpose of an anthology which syncretizes the work to take place here.

With the above purpose in mind, we will make a practice of completing whatever prayer/meditation/libation required to ensure our minds and spirit are aligned prior to posting.

From the collection of tremendous minds here, tremendous deeds can be accomplished.

To put out false statements NOT in the Bible on CHRISTIANITY is not collective; it is trying to bring about division and, it is an attack on the very core of Christianity.

I am offended by these previous postings and hope that the management will look into this.

Thanks in advance.

Jan 22, 2001
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To put out false statements NOT in the Bible on CHRISTIANITY is not collective; it is trying to bring about division and, it is an attack on the very core of Christianity.

I am offended by these previous postings and hope that the management will look into this.

Thanks in advance.

Sister Chevron Dove ... please give us a link to the threads / posts you're referencing. Thanks.




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Feb 28, 2009

... this particular forum ... Christian Study Group ... is for those Members who believe in Christianity, and want to discuss it with others that believe the same.

It's not for those of you that want to prove them wrong.

While none of this has been officially established yet, i'm thinking, it's going to be the only way to go ... or else ... those of you who think others are so wrong in their beliefs, will inundate them with your opposing views ... and in so doing ... deny them the opportunity to discuss in relative peace and tranquility, that which they believe.

We do have the main Spirituality Religion Forum, where everything can be challenged.

Please speak to the threads there, or even, start your own threads disproving Christianity, if you are so inclined ... but stay out of this one with the opposing views.

Thanks in advance.

... this has .... everything to do with the lack of respect for management request's and forum rules.

This section here is provided for study group. Where members who subscribe to a specific system...can come together, discuss, and study their system without negating energies.

We have many other forums which are open for debate and questioning. The same here would be warranted you had you open dialogue in a specific study group within this forum.

Sister Destee is also correct in her statement you've quoted. She is, and everyone else are free to participate in all other forums respectfully, and won't be held accountable for the disrespect others direct towards them. But this here study group has specific outlines which differs from all the other forums.

We as management have notice the indifferences of members, when other members of certain belief system share their belief. This is why this area was created. So they can openly discuss it with like minds without the harassment of non-subscribing members.

If you haven't already read "The Core Foundational Pieces of Destee" , I've provided a link below. I hope you can find it within to honor our request, and understand the reasoning behind it. However, if you can not, violating such request will be discussed and evaluated by the moderating team.


... all of the forums in this area ... Black/African Study of Spiritual Belief Systems ... are for the advocates of those life paths, definitely not for those who are in opposition to those paths. This relatively new area of our community was created so those who want to study with like-minded folk, would have a peaceful place to do that, free of the opposition that often presents itself.

I suppose this is a bit of a bend in my position, that everyone is welcome to post to every thread, in that ... you can't post to any threads in that area, if you are bringing counter positions to those discussions.

Again, it's all kinda new to us, actually using those areas, having to feel our way toward manifesting its purpose for being.

Please though, don't feel as though you are limited in challenging / questioning anything you'd like, for you most certainly are not. You just need to put it in the main Spirituality / Religion Forum, where Spiritual / Religious challenges are welcome.

Also, if you'd like to see a life path included in the Black/African Study of Spiritual Belief Systems that is not represented in the group already listed, let us know, for they all receive this same consideration.

If you have more questions, let me know.

I don't know any other way to explain this. Yes, you all are welcome to disagree with anything you see here. However, the Religious/Spiritual study forum is for those who want to learn more about their subscribed systems.

It is not open to debate, scrutiny, disagreement, or any other negating energies within those specific study areas.

If you disagree with something within a study area, post a new thread outside of the study forum. Present your truths, opinions, objections there.

The thing is, we have two spiritual/religion forums. One is for study purposes, the other is open for debate, disagreements, and our questioning. Present your challenges in the latter area.

Sometimes i think we just fuss for the sake of fussing. Here you have a space to speak out and disagree, yet because you can not do it in a particular area, "somethings very wrong, truth is ignored, claims of censorship is shouted from the mountain side." smh

*note to self: no matter what you do, there will be those who disagree*


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