Black Poetry : Green Cucumber


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May 11, 2006
Green Cucumber

Like stuff in the small intestines this is all destine to be
Flush down the drain just a clown too lame to honor me
Like water this will dissolve your crap need a new job
Perhaps, ignore this slob, doorknob need a cotton Swab
Climb mountains and drink from rhyme fountains that
Gushes from rocks so fresh and pure, bless for sure, phat
In the minds of many, look thes evenings of summer got
Me breathing in hummers with the top down it’s really hot
Feel like a bright star that excite bazaar ladies and kiss a lots
“Girl you been fine and your coochee enzymes wait for me to
Penetrate and demonstrate my love to you now do you see boo?
Now turn your eyes, have firm thighs let me rub, you have a wet
Love, with true height lets unite let me get your tongue don’t fret
My mind is greedy we can sign a treaty sweetie which involve
Love my job is to scrub your back in the tub that’s not odd
You tender and slender like a marine fish make a clean dish
Of meat to eat so get your wet sandwich spread gonna do crisp
Damage in bed gonna have to bandage your head and see the proper
Doctor because my helicopter tongue will make your juice flow hotter
And well while I propel and swell up associate and relocate in
A mobile home be vocal and strong with oral sex, levitate with the wind”


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