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    By Andre Austin

    This is a incomplete list of Greek Gods who are actually Egyptian. I will give you there real original names side by side. The Egyptian mysteries assumed diffirent names among the Greek and Romans in order to be adapted to local conditions.

    Zeus/Jesus is Amen-Ra
    Hera/Juno is Isis see Apuleus “The Golden ***” Book 11
    Herakles is Khonsu/Shu Hercules meant “Glory to Hera” or the Egyptian God Heryshef, which means “He who is upon his lake” Martin Bernal thinks it meant “Glory to Horus”.
    Poseidon is Seth
    Demeter/Ceres is Isis
    Apollo is Horus
    Artemis/Diana is Bast the Cat
    Aphrodite/Venus/Mary is Hathor
    Athena/Minerva is Nit/Net/Neith/Isis
    Hestia/Vesta the great Isaac Newton, 7 geniuses in 1 said the Vesta ceremonies are Egyptian
    Hephaestus/Vulcan is Ptah
    Hermes/Mercury is Thoth
    Hades/Pluto is Osiris
    Catholic is a combination of Ra/Bast/Hathor meaning “Waters of fire”. St Peter keys to heaven was Gold and Silver passed on to succeeding Popes. Gold is Sun/fire and Silver is Moon/water. Both their keys and names refer to “waters of Fire”.
    Israel is three Egyptian names of Isis/Ra/El
    Dionysus/Bacchus is Osiris
    Persephone is Isis
    Io is Isis/Neith
    Solomon is three names for the sun in one Sol, Om, and On. Hermes/Thoth were wise men and called thrice great. I believe Solomon name has connections to the wisdom of the Egyptian Thoth. Some writers say Solomon is really Amenhotep III. Many of the maxims of Amenhotep resembles that of Proverbs.
    Moses is Akhenaton
    King David is Twthomosis III
    RUSH a term Greeks use to initiate new members. Plutarch states that Rush is applied to water and King Osiris. Rush is a combination of two words for pool of water. All candidates at Egyptian mysteries were declared “saved by water”. Faternities use of the cane/stick with their dance rountines called stepping is Egyptian.Osiris had bad feet and legs like Oedipus so his stick used to support his steps,and his sandal to protect his feet durning his long journey to the other world. Steps also associated with resurrection.
    Pandora some speculate is Queen Hatshepsut
    Oedipus character can be derived from 18 dynasty in Egypt.
    Hesiod “Work and days” has many Egyptian themes. For example: . I’ve read bits and pieces of Hesiod’s Work and Days. Hesiod wrote before Homer and both were deeply influenced by Egypt. For example Hesiod writes, “Do not urinate standing turned towards the sun…the godly man of sound sense does it squatting” 699-733. Herodotus travels to Egypt around 450BC found made this remark: “Not only is the Egyptian climate peculiar to that country…but the Egyptians themselves in their manners and customs seem to have reversed the ordinary practices of mankind…women urinate standing up, men sitting (squatting) down” Book 2:35
    Danaos is Egyptian. The playwright Aischylos said his nephews were black.

    Greek Plays
    Aristophane’s “Frogs” Egyptian inspired
    Euripides’s “Bacchae” Egyptian inspired
    Plato’s Republic and Timaeus both Egyptian
    Virgil’s Aeneid its sixth book is Egyptian
    Homer’s tale of the wooden Horse trick in the Iliad is a modified version of Thuti, a General under Tuthmosis III (1479-1427 BC). Homer if true said he spent eight years in Egypt (Odyssey 14: 285) which is plenty of time to learn of Egyptian history and culture.
    Thales, a Greek philosper taught that water is the primary universal substance. Plato in his Laws added that Thales also said “Everything is full of Gods”. Catholics say their name referes to Universalism which the moisture of water like goddess Hathor/Neith were considered mothers of the universe.
    Aristotle a student of Plato wrote The Metaphysics In this book he states: “It was in Egypt that the mathematical sciences were first developed, for there leisure was available to the priestly class”.
    Herodotus reputed by Cicero to be the “father of History” reports in 400Bc that the Egyptians were the first to divide their calendar by using Astronomy; and the first to invent geometry. He also states that the Greeks learnt writing from the Egyptians via of Cadmus


    Eleusinian they go through symbolic death to be born again.
    Catholic rituals, ceremonies, processions and vestments of priests. The Popes cone hat and staff

    Are all Egyptian duplication and imitations

    LEARNING, Arts

    Weaving, “The Egyptians pioneered weaving”-Pliny the Elder writing and weaving were connented to magic. Magic was the use of words either spoken out loud or read from papyrus. According to Pliny Papyrus was used as paper “Paper is manufactured from papyrus by splitting it with a needle into stips…All paper is woven on a board”. Even in our modern times we call threads that are combed on the Internet. Kniting, net, plaiting are adjectives to describe weaving. Black people have mythical magic in their wooly hair too. Isis used her hair to help bring Osiris back to life. She probably used her hair to weave Osiris cut up body parts back together. Samson who had power in his hair is Osiris/Khonsu. Thoth raises Osiris hair so that health can be restored to his eye (sun).
    Phaorah/King Senwosret founded Athens named after Athena/Neith
    Medicine. The Egyptians claim that they discovered Medicine. In Egypt we have the earliest medical books. Thoth saving Osiris/Horus eye myth transferred over into the bible. The complete eye means whole. See Now I know where Jesus got his line: “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light” Matthew 6:22 . The writer Luke 11:33-34 provides more stronger proof. “The lamp of the body is your eye. When your eye is sound, then your whole body is filled with light”.This concept came directly from the Egyptian book of the dead.

    Laws and Constitution. Aristotle looked to Egypt to improve Greek Laws
    Holy Bible is derived from Helios Biblos Heli/meant sun Biblos/paper so we have Sun book. Two places in the old testament refer to god as a sun. Why did they represent God as a sun in Psalm 84:11 & Malachi 4:2? Because they were influenced by the Egyptians.
    Clocks, the first clock is from Egypt. Hours come from the name Horus. The short and long hands are the arms which figures hold up the 12 figures symbols. There are 24 harms to hold them standing for the 24 hours in a day.


    Moby **** By Herman Melville has much Egyptian symbolism
    The scarlet letter
    Dracula By Bram Stoker Egyptian had characters that had the same charcterictics of Count Dracula like drawing victims to its mouth by the power of its eyes. Coming at night to attack a sleeping individual. Using wreath of garlic plant to ward off the vampire.
    The New Testament, the majority of it is basically a dedication to the Egyptian religion with Jesus the main actor playing the role of Amen or the invisible man.
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    Reading your other post helped me understand where you're coming from. I was wondering where you were coming from. I'm not confused anymore. -7
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    Exact quation please

    ''The Egyptians pioneered weaving”-Pliny the Elder''

    Do you know which chapter,and page number Pliny the elder refers to the kemetians weaving??

    I would greatly appreciate it if you provide this.