Nation of Gods and Earths : Greedy Devils....

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    I’m not sure what day to post this on. Y’all know we G’s and E’s like to tie our builds in with the day’s math. Since I am all over the place with this build, I’ll just whatever….

    Devils is greedy.

    I put that ebonically for shock value. But they are; and I can prove it via our degrees….

    According to 7-8:10, there are 29 million miles ofUsefulLand. Original people get 23 million him/devil gets 6 million. Now if you look superficially at the degree, you say, “Yay!!!! Original people have more land!” But that is inaccurate.

    Add 400 million and 4.4 Billion from 2&3:10. That will give you a yield of the total population of Original people and devils. Then find the percentage of devils within that population. Depending on your mathematical abilities (I have an undergraduate minor in math and chemistry) you will find it to be 8.3-9%. Even if you look at 34:40 the ratio is 1:11 devil:Original. It will still come out the same.

    Equality states that if you are 9% (I’m being generous) of the population you should have 9% of the useful land, Right? Wrong. The devil has 20.7% of theUsefulLand. The word equation reads “6 is what percent of 29?” That looks like 6=x%*29. And that yields 20.68965………% 6*5 is 30.

    Now the incendiary yet thinking mind will say. “Serenity, those degrees were written in 1933. The population is different now…” You are correct. But the percentages remain the same.

    Look how comfortable the devil gets to be while we are sitting on top of each other. You can see this with your 2 eyes; never mind your 3rd. Now I’m not saying all devils are well to do. They aren’t. But they are afforded the room to sprawl while in poverty that we don’t get in the same circumstances. A plot in a trailer park yields more room than an apartment in the projects. You get what I’m saying. Check his motivations for keeping you ignorant. While he is greedy, living the life of Riley, you gotta fight for your own space. He is even moving in on the 89% he so graciously afforded you with gentrification.

    So what are we supposed to do? The answer will ALWAYS be the same. Do the Knowledge. And mathematically that Knowledge will lead you to a proper course of action as well as Understanding. There is a reason our degrees are laid out as they are. And eventually you will come full circle with your answer.

    The devil is greedy and in his greed, he is comfortable. Think about that for a minute.