Black People : Greater Good-God Is Not Love

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
The Greater Good-God Is Not A God Of Love But Is A God Of Freedom!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Now you know why it is that Negroes pretend that I do not live to be in this present time, why they comfort themselves in ignoring the Divine Truth that I share with Black Afrikan people and you get your comfort from the fact that the majority of Black Afrikans behaving as Negroes are many with the same mind toward the Divine Truth that I share which condemn all liars, deceivers, and evil pretenders, a behavioral construct indoctrination that is popular adhered to and submitted too and have the negro to be with attitude displayed and expressed by believing Negroes who bow without hesitation to the religious lies been and is being told about God, and to give to you a mental comfort zone that have you lying to the Negro self about a God you know nothing about its Greater Good-Godly Freedom!!!

Yes, I am come to set the scale of Divinity the way it is to be, which is with Harmony, Order, and Balance With Honesty of Mind, giving to you the exact measurement of the Mind you now allow to control and Guide your Black Behind concerning the Greater Good- God that shows no emotion to that which it has caused to be by its mere presence, a God that is the Divinity of Freedom and not Love, for the Greater Good-God is not a God of Love but is a God That breed Freedom without emotion and by its presence, it reveals the contrast to the evil of confinement with intent to imprison for no Divine Justly Cause.

Allow me to point something out to us Black Afrikan people, every time we have to give credence to what we do and share by using Lucifer as a Reference to give what we share a validity for being able to point out such an example that is supposed to generate emotional outburst coming from you the believers who think not, then know that you now reside within the box of imaginary lies Lucifer has constructed for you to have to make belief imaginary about, all confined within the dominion of Lucifer Human Being Referencing lies and deceit, nothing based on Divine Truth and Reality, which set upon the foundation of Freedom and here your Black behind is, ignoring Freedom for man-made handed out Civil Rights, the one who gives can take away beloved, and there is nothing in the physical apparent matter that is forever, only the Greater Good-God occupy such supreme kept status in the annual of Time of Infinite Existence, beloved.

Here we Black Afrikans are with no longer the Divine information we once had in our Mental possession, now wearing Lucifer Dunce Cap Religion, placing within its center is a belief that is what keep you stable in the things you know nothing about as long as you are intoxicated with Lucifer Religion which is designed to have Black Afrikans performing exactly as we are today, hating Freedom and Loving Civil Rights that come from the permission of Lucifer and anything Lucifer approves for Black Afrikan People you can be forever assured it is not of no Greater Good- God involvement but always to your Black behind detriment, beloved.

I hesitate not to let you Black Afrikans know that you have and is now being lied to about the Greater Good-God implying It do a thing with intent when it does not, for it is the Greater Good-God Freedom and by its Infinite Presence things are in forever motion going and coming, Life is of the Greater Good-God presence and that presence involve not its presence with lowly self concerted emotion that causes a spirit of emotional conflict within the Mind of the physical living Beings who live for only a moment of Time and then make way for that which is to come as you are leaving, living being a coming and going process among the physical living Being, but the Greater Good-God, remain with no beginning and no end that is what represents the Greater Good- God, Freedom, beloved!!!

So, to ignore Your Entitlement To Enjoy Freedom you ignore the Presence Of The Greater Good- God and by its Presence You are, and without Freedom, then you are not in possession of what the Greater Good - God Is, Black Woman and Man, but with the knowledge of What the Greater Good-God Freedom is to you Living in the physical beloved., which is not Love, but is Freedom, then you have knowledge of thyself.

As I have shared with you, there is nothing that exceeds Freedom, the Greater Good-God is Not Emotional Love, But Is Natural Freedom, your Divine Mind determines your status while with the living process.

Yet, here your Black behind ignoring the obligation we Black Afrikans has to Freedom, which is Greater Good-God supreme status Being The Divine Essence Of Dark Energy constituting Divine Dark Energy Infinite Intelligence.

Freedom is our calling and with it all else become amenable to us Black Afrikans, beloved.

When will we Black Afrikans Nationalist Are Going To Realize It Is Reparation/Repatriation That Represents Afrikans And Afrika Freedom And Freedom Is Godly And Liberating, Beloved.

Divine Respect

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