Black People : Great things about the Recession?

Following up . . .

At least the mainstream media is now acknowledging that the game has changed. Today, CNN's "$$$$$" show was addressing the "New American Dream" - what it is and what it means. Also, the New York Times of late has been writing about the next coming bubble - that of student loans - and how a degree is no guarantee of a job and how generations from X forward will have to re-align their expectations (or lower their standards).


Can't wait to see what Black Married Momma, through feedBlitz has to say on this in the future, I do subscribe:)...Peace In my sister friend.

What did it help you see that you are capable of? What is really important to you?

I'm capable of living with less than I thought. I thought I needed certain things to be happy. I don't neccessarily need those things. I have discovered skills that I didn't know I had.


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