Black Poetry : Great Storm...feeling "Barry"


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Jan 30, 2001
Great storm from the Gulf
Let your rage subside
Be your winds calm
Make low your tide

Your strength seems wicked
You are unforgiving
You are hard and tough
The land has yielded
It has had enough

You have made your point
Yet you want to do more
Nothing can withstand you
Not the money of the rich
Not the cries of the poor

Great storm
You've become the dark side of nature
Attacking from behind skies colored gray
Relentless rain your calling card
As flood levels rise each storm-filled day

But you and I both know
Your destructive tenure will be short-lived
Fot the power you so readily display
Is a power not yours
The power is his

And in his time
And through his will
You'll be exposed as a puppet
You great storm
Will soon be still

God has blessed, Barry was mild. It's amazing to hear and feel a hurricane ... the wind and the rain so heavy sounding like men stomping on your roof ... working in perfect harmony ... no power, no phone ... all is quiet ... as i hear and feel God shake my earth ... awesome ... humbling ... it's called faith ... the next day all is still ... peace once again upon the earth.

Heartbeat ... thank you for this :)



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