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    I know I don't come to this board often, but you all are nothing but encouraging and sweet on this board, so I thought I'd post this here if ya'll don't mind.

    I know you all have exciting lives and busy work/school schedules (wink-wink) so you probably don't have time to even think about what I'm about to suggest. Well, I have a book group here in Atlanta...well this book group has a website...and that website has a forum where we talk about everything from celebrity gossip, local and national news to...well you guessed it--BOOKS! We even write short stories and poetry on the site (that's right, if you're a writer and want positive encouragement and honest criticism this is where you might want to post your work).

    Right now the board could use a little excitement and a little of your commentary (much like the excitement you all bring to BP). All I'm asking is that you take a look at the forum and drop a line or two every now and then. Not much to ask, right? Here's the link:

    And if you're not interested, pass it along to your friends like you pass along those religious emails. God will bless you for it and if you don't, Satan will keep his eye on you knowing that you have no interest of doing good on this Earth. THE SHAME!