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    By Andre Austin

    1. William Wells brown lecture against slavery for the American anti-slavery society.

    2. Lunsford Lane

    3. Sojourner truth

    4. Harriet Tubman

    5. Charles L Redmond

    Post slavery

    6. Frederick Douglass 1817-1895 Power advocate against slavery and for Civil Rights. Made the mistake of working with Rutherford B Hayes who elected president in 1876 by concession with the South with born again rights of States’rights giving birth to Jim crow laws; plus married white women in 1884. Blacks stop listening to Douglass and turned to Booker T Washington. The peoples couldn’t understand the internal contradiction of Douglass who left working for The Liberator newspaper because he disagreed with Garrison wanting the union to separate from the south. Douglass knew this would leave slaves at the mercy of slave owners. Douglass didn’t make this same calucation when President Hayes ended Radical Reconstruction and withdrew federal troops from the South. Douglass didn’t leave Hayes like garrison for basically the same issue.

    7. Booker T Washington 1856-1915 Great Educator at Tuskegee. Although a mulatoo Booker blasted Douglass for taking white second white. Advocated social separation of blacks from whites like the separate fingers on the hand. Told blacks to work out their salvation in the south “cast down bucket where you are”. Blacks were flocking to the North for better labor and educational facilities offered by northern philanthropy. While alive few black dare to criticize Washinton. Washington also upbraided uneducated church leaders who focused too much on the afterlife.

    8. W.E.B Dubois exiled in Ghana, Africa died 1868-1963 originally with the NAACP advocated amalgamation and aping the dominant white society until his exile in Africa. Before moving over to Garvey’s back to Africa slogan Dubois viciously attacked Booker T. The NAACP contributed to the further alienation of the enlightened 10% class from the lowly masses of Blacks who need elevation.

    9. Marcus Garvey president UNIA movement exiled 1920’s died in London in 1940 had the biggest mass movement than any other Blackman. His imprisonment made him a hero.

    10. A. Philip Randolph union organizer 1889-1979

    11. Elijah Muhammad leader of NOI died 1975 like Garvey said blacks must amalgamate or separate. Muhammad took the later. Before Elijah was in the NOI he was a corporal in the UNIA, brief member of the Black masons and affiliated with Noble Drew Ali’s group. The NOI founder was W. Farad Muhammad a mulattoe from Pakistan.

    12. Malcolm X Assassinated in 1965 born 1925 Advocated self-defense of blacks to form rifle clubs and free black minds of mental slavery by studying true history. Before being killed X was working on plans to be of assistance to King.

    13. Martin Luther King Assassinated in 1968 born 1929 advocated economic justice and equal treatment in law.

    After the Martin Luther King assassination no Blackman has been anointed black president of black America except for the off and on prominence and influence of Louis Farrakhan. All effective black leadership has been stunted because there is no centralization of resources of funds and political capital and alternatives of co-existence from assimilation/separation not looked into. They were on the extreme of the latter two positions.

    The government doesn’t want any more Black messiah’s or Black president of black America unless they create and manufacture him.

    We need not one savior of a black messiah complex who can easily be controlled by bribes but a community of several leaders working in a centralized fashion. So how do we glue it together? Lets look back from 1868-to 1895 we had 23 blacks serving in Congress. From then on annually blacks have 40 or less give or take one or two here and there. These leaders must make coalitions with each other and other groups like Native Americans and Latinos. The Black caucus must behave like the black species is on the verse of extinction through a self-inflicted war of self-hate and killings and not making use of our minds. These elected leaders must work with Mayors not in their sectional individual interest of their states but the whole nation. When at war Centralization is needed to marshal in much needed resources. Black leaders must adopt a War tax on the entertainers and sports figures who are harnessing in truckloads of cash for the cultivation of the black community.

    In our present hour of chaos who will take the weight and torch light for freedom, justice and equality? Who will it be? It should be you. Everyone is a leader and appointed with a task to help self, love self and then help each other and love each other. Examples of a proposed operation this new movement:

    1. Liberation tax on entertainers and sports figures and other successful business groups and individuals. Create black Bonds to generate money for investment.

    2. Conscript Teenagers on summer vacation and former convicts at farming. Producing food products to be sold on the international market. Assert control of our own idle labor force. Over time convert cash into other business pursuits. Other products besides foods be made too.

    3. Black ships and planes bought to facilitate this trade.

    4. Create a Black Bank and avoid the usury vultures

    5. During reconstruction Black Churches were educational facilities. Black families have surrender Afrocentric teachings for the crippling Eurocentric one giving Government more power over our children than police. We allow the government to whip and humiliate our young while letting them handcuff our raising of them.

    6. Help Africa assert control over national resources from the hands of private white hands by compromise and or revolutionary overhaul of their economy if necessary.