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    I wrote the word love down on a post it note and it didn’t weight any more or any less from when it was blank. Maybe because there was no one to give it too. It possess no gravity, it was meaningless, something misunderstood like the words from babbling infant. Love, a word that is overused so much that it loses it power.. Even when you add I and you, it depends on the person if it carry’s the weight…..

    So when I say I love you, I truly do
    And the gravity of what I say is heavy and meant just for you
    Intimacy is not about who you let touch you, it is who you text at 3am about your dreams a fears
    It is giving your attention, when 10 other people are asking for it and your clear
    Intimacy is the person always in the back of your mind, no matter how distracted you are
    No matter if they are near or far
    It’s those three words that I only use when its true
    It’s a wonderful feeling when I say I love you and then she says I love you too
    I remember using that word just a little bit too freely
    Remembering the looks I would get like…”oh really”
    But those days are behind me, something that I’m not proud of but I don’t let it hold me back
    I know love, real love and I know how act
    And I’m listing to Adele which causes my eyelids act as a dam to hold back the tears
    This is nothing new for me, I have been this way for years
    Where for every love I love even harder
    I try to find unused parts of my heart and brain and act a bit smarter
    Funny, I used to believe that I was the architect of my own destruction
    That without love at my side i would be unable to function
    But I learned that love is a lot more than just saying it
    It’s ever changing and knowing, it’s redefining the role and playing it
    So when I say I love you, it’s like the sun bends around the earth
    The way the womb cradles and nurtures a child from conception to birth
    Its a bond that can just be broken by something simple like miles
    Its something you fight for to get you through your trials
    And me, I’ll be what you need, when you need me to be it
    I’ll be right in front of you when you need me, you’ll see it
    I’ll be that unbelievable that causes you to believe it
    I just want you to be open and ready to receive it
    So if you love someone don’t just say it, Show it
    Make sure they understand, make sure they know it
    Make the most of the opportunity and don’t blow it

    So I wrote the word love down on a post it note and it didn’t weight any more or any less from when it was blank. Then I added I and you, and this made it ever so clear when the dam broke out slipped a tear and it landed on my post it note. The gravity of the note became slightly heavier, it was the words that carried the weight.