Black Poetry : Granny is Nude: By Police Order

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    Granny is Nude: By Police Order
    By Andre Austin
    There goes the police heading towards the side
    Or anywhere large lumps of people of color reside
    They taking granny out of her apt naked trying to destroy her pride
    Caught on camera tape having her legs open wide

    The fuzz always on the lurch just looking for black crimes
    They just want the black community to turn on eachother and drop all their dimes

    Snitching on eachother to one another
    They want us totally separated and not a fraternity of brothers

    Black & White have the same frequency of violations
    But when it comes to Law & Order people of color get all the sanctions

    All the teenagers in college don’t buy the Policemen illegal beer
    Because 20 years later they will use it against you to smear
    They will bare you naked out there in the atmosphere
    And they just don’t care
    They will have your titties bouncing outside in the open air
    Here comes big Al to make sure you don’t harm white hairs

    Acting like animals a pig is so rude
    So why you taking pleasure in seeing granny nude
    Last time U had us dying over a cigarette butt; I say what the
    Then you strip my grandmother of all her feathers you pluck

    Oder in the court, Order in the court
    They got my momma in her birthday suit for play and sport
    A violation of criminal procedure; I think I got a tort
    Let me organized my legal papers for the lawsuit they should sort
    Lets take it to the bridge port

    The police will loose the case because they weren’t on the square or level
    So bring on the Judge’s courtroom gavel
    looks down upon this along with his friend El
    Guilty: For the indecent exposure of granny’s nude body below her navel