Black People : Grandson of Honorable Elijah Muhammed seeks hip hop repository at Schomburg

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    Dr Khalil Abdul Muhammed, director of the Schomburg, and assistant editor of the American Historical Journal was on Wake Up call on WBAI just now, interviewd by Sister Estah Arma ,
    and mentioned that as a young man he sees enormous potential in positive conscious raising rap and song, and will attempt to inspire rappers to produce more community building music.
    He stated that there will definatly be a repository for such music as there is for all African music.
    The grandson of the Honorable Elijah Muhammed states that Black nationalism was and still is a part of his life and that he plans to maintain the Schomburg as a repository and open resource of Black Nationalist thought, and a world class resource of Black history open to the world.
    One of his main goals as an educator is to make history a fun thing for children and a thing of great interest to adolescents.

    archive of the show can be heard on tommorow