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    In The Name Of Allah,​
    Lord Of All Thee Worlds…​

    “Grafting Process 15,099(2013)…”
    91…..31. To make a devil what MUST one first do? Ans. To make a devil one MUST first begin GRAFTING from the original.
    90…..30. Tell us WHAT and HOW the devil was made? Ans. The devil was made from the ORIGINAL people, by GRAFTING and SEPERATING the genes. In the BLACK man’s body there exist TWO genes; A BLACK gene and a BROWN gene. YACUB with his laws on birth control separated the BROWN gene from the BLACK gene, and GRAFTED it into WHITE, by DESTROYING the BLACK gene. After following this process for 600 years the gene became WHITE and NO MORE ORIGINAL> Also, by thinning the ORIGINAL blood the gene became WEAK and WICKED, and NO LONGER the same. Thus, this is how YACUB made DEVIL.
    With the above mention in thought, not forgetting that such was asked by W.D. Fard as well answered by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad—two Muslims. . I will not have to go far, nor got to great lengths, to show and prove that not only did Yacub exist, but even present day and time Yacub still exist. And will continue to exist as long as we allow them to exist. Still making devil, still succeeding in majority of their undertaking, still mastering some of the originals, still lying, still causing the righteous people to fight as well kill each other. For all you who still cling to 8,367 as the birth date of Yacub, or 8,400 as the born date of Yacub, or the 600 year process, or the 6,000 year process, etc… I respect your bond with such, but can you really substantiate, verify and validate such. Keeping in mind, I am from that era, when such was propagated. No, I am not acclaiming that such never, ever happen, nor that Yacub never existed. Rather what I am making born is when you are wise, there are things you do, as well things you do not. One, of the things the wise does is he or she speaks on things that he or she knows, less and less on those things we were told.(“Be what you know, not what you were told…”) Yacub as well as the GRAFTING Process referred to in the teaching commonly known as Allah Truth(120) is most definitely truth but if you are looking for this black man with a big head, who if were alive today would be more than 6 ½ millennium years old. The same black man who was apparently six(33(3+3)) years of age while playing with two pieces of steel experienced a discovery which resulted in the birth of this process commonly known as the grafting process or 600 year process. You may be looking for another 6 millennium, considering the only proof of such is confidence or reliance in the word of those who shared such truth with us. Now, if you knowledge such a truth, C-E-E more than see into such, then apply, you can come up as well out with some practical and realistic employment for the existence of Yacub, the grafting process as well as the productions of the grafting process(Made devils…). For as I’ve said on many occasions:”Word is bond, Yacub lives On!” The way Yacub lives on is through the manifestation , as well expression of supplanting. Keeping in mind, that(Supplants) is just what Yacub did and was. He or she who supplants or displace with the intention of making other than is not Yacub, or Man, but Yacub and Man itself. In applying such, you can and will Cee as well See Yacub today, through his or her works(“You know the tree by the fruit it bears…”) Just like you know the tree by the fruit it bears, you can and will know the God, the devil as well Yacub by the deeds it bears. Be careful of Yacub and his grafting process, here in 15,099(2013). . Yacub is not identified by his or her color, gender or status, rather his or her intellectual capabilities or endowment. Yacub is known for his or her deeds. They lie, steal,trying to master the original and is constantly grafting( Separating ) Be not fooled by their external presentation, for Yacubs alliance to original is verification as well confirmation of their ability to appeal to the visual capability(S-E-E) of the physical composition. Separating, dividing, parting and evil doing every chance he or she gets. It incumbent upon all to know and understand who and what Yacub was, is and be, as well what they do. When you find more confusion than peace, then you need to question the presences of Yacub and their made doers of evil(Devil). Lying is not only the absences of life, but one of the many distinguishing factors of Yacub and Yacubs productions, along with confusion breeding and fight starting. All this stops unions, and keeps divisions. The less unions, the more division, which subsequently means more conquering—And not in our favor!!! Ultimately leading to our extinction. I Cee as well See Yacub as well their attempts, efforts and success,, and I also know and understand how they are so successful in their undertakings. Which is why I am here to deal in equality with my C-E-E. For there is a degree in Allahs Truth(120), which basically explains why Yacub was so successful in all his undertakings?(Build Born degree in Allahs Truth/ Wisdom Born Degree in Lost & Found Muslim Degree No. 2{1-40}), thus the major reason why and how Yacub and Yacub devils are so successful and still reign today, is because we allow them. For the Devil is no more powerful than you allow, so in reversing that, he is just as powerless as you will them to be. Keep in mind, the sole purpose in, then, why God made Devil?(Born Build degree in Allahs Truth/ Understanding Build in Lost & Found Muslim Lesson No. 2(1-40)). For it’s through them(Devils) which one of the greatest show and proves are made manifest, for we gave them the powers they have and utilize unceasingly. Just as we gave them such, we can and MUST take it back. How are you taking the devil off your planet, if the devil is still not only in possession of your planet but as well ruling it daily and ruling it well. Now is the time, not tomorrow, nor next year, to recognize what Yacub is, as well who they are, and take back those powers, regaining what’s rightfully ours, and running them back to where they came. Despite what you may think, or been told, it’s really not that difficult!!! For verification and confirmation of such is in the following statement that there are those amongst us who could/would return in knowledge(1) day and destroy the devil without falling victim to the devil or their civilization. Otherwise showing forth and proving Allah is God, always has been and always will be. Knowing and understanding that one day isn’t necessary the equivalent to what is commonly known as a day, today(24hours), rather the reminder that such can be done in an adequate amount of time. As Elijah Muhammad stated,”…in his own good time…” The reason why Yacub and those made devils are able to still be so victorious in your life, on your planet, etc… because either you are not doing something right or the right one you are NOT!!! Either way, it’s incumbent upon all to take this knowledge of self and put it to use. For knowledge of self can be the knowledge of who you are(?) or who you are not? For it’s been foretold, shown and proved, that MANY shall come, thus ONLY a FEW shall be CHOSEN. It’s those CHOSEN and FEW who can and will not only run the devil from amongst us. over the hot Arabian desert , pass the caves and into the hells, where they belong!!! *Note: This Grafting Process 15,099(2013) is mention is Allah Truth(120), for the Build-build degree in Allah truth(120) or the wisdom build degree in the Lost-Found Muslim Lesson No. 2(1-40), mentions, “Yacub also had other rules and regulations, which are not mentioned in this lesson.” For the major focal of Yacub’s rules and regulations was the division, conquering and destruction of the original presences. For like the original is the major contributor to their presences as well their diabolical and so-called-great reign. Yacub and those doers of evils(Devils) know, as well understand their rule is greatly at hand, and contingent upon the decision of the original people. Which is why MORE than ever we the CHOSEN and FEW, TRUE and LIVING, MUST do all we MUST!!! For be you know it or not, be you agree or disagree, Yacub and those DOERS of EVIL are surely doing what they MUST, for the countless and unceasing attempts( i.e. lying, stealing, attempts to mastering the original, & keeping them apart…etc..) are proof within itself. At times Yacub and their successors do things out of desperation, no thinking, for such is all about a decision(i.e. knowledge, recognizing, realizing, etc…),and the devil is POWERLESS!!! Or possibly OBSOLETE!!! So to ALL who know and acknowledge such science, continue to build on and be forever successful in our undertakings. As for you who know not, know now, for Yacub’s applications of playing is surely not to your advantage, nor our longevity. Which is why we need not to take lightly who we are, what we are or what we have done and can do. Build on, Builders!!! For that’s what we have done and do, which enhances, and increases our successes, decreasing their(Doers of Evil!) successes and increasing their(Devils!) failures. In closing, allow me to iterate, ”Yacub lives On!” and will continue to live on, as long as you knowledge them not, allowing them. Peace!!!
    Made Manifest By; Application Latik Seymou Allah(15,099)
    Please Educate Allah’s Children Everyday…(Peace!)
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