Black People : Gradual Continental Drift or Cataclysm

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    There are two main theories for what had happened in the history of the continental plates of the earth. One put forth by Alfred Wegener in 1912, suggests that the continents slowly drifted apart from each other millions of years ago. Another theory popularized by Immanuel Velikovsky in his book Earth in Upheavel states that cataclysms took place as close as 3500 years ago to seperate the plates and cause change in the places.

    Everyone already knows about continental drift but check out some of Velikovsky's points:

    Earth in Upheaval presents documentation of global catastrophes in prehistorical and historical times: the evidence of stone and bone. This evidence from the natural sciences indicates that these great disturbances which rocked our world were caused by forces outside the Earth itself.
    In Earth in Upheaval, Velikovsky brings together a multitude of facts, such as palms found in northern Greenland, corals in Alaska, the unfossilized bones of hippopotamuses in England, and the remains of polar bears and arctic foxes crushed together in one mass with ostriches and crocodiles.

    Further data verifies that at the very time that Dr Velikovsky claimed as the date of the recent global catastrophe only 3500 years ago, the level of the world's oceans dropped sharply, climate was violently altered, and ancient civilizations were plunged into destruction.

    Dr Velikovsky's first book, Worlds in Collision, offered evidence of tremendous cataclysms during historic times, and created a furore of controversy unknown since Darwin's debate ninety years earlier.

    What yah'll think?? You think this took places millions of years ago and slowly, or maybe thousands of years ago drastically?
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    According to Hakim Bey, it happened thousands of years ago and it occurred in a drastic manner. He speaks about this on the Moorish Paradigm.