Black Poetry : Grabbing Info Got odd facts but seems like a god act to rhyme all the time Devastate


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May 11, 2006
Grabbing Info

Got odd facts but seems like a god act to rhyme all the time
Devastate the worse and create a universe here right online
Now I exist with brisk artifacts ready to cart facts on wheel barrows
Feel the arrows pierce hearts leaving fierce sparks in bone marrows
This stuff prevail funny with a scale crummy like the sale of honeys
Sees a storm when bees swarm so MC’S get stung as failed dummies
My mind is a circus with an ultimate divine purpose and that’s to
Rip script and flip my lips with verses pouring out with a phat crew
Know what that do it increase my rep no beast can step on my level
Rocking scripts like the Apocalypse cook devastation like the devil
In the Book of Revelation, look for elevation into the end of time
Sweaty ready for a slurpee and like Eddie Murphy I’m never blind
Anoint Norbit while my point of orbit is somewhere around the moon
Clowns are doomed to try and battle this It’ll rattle the piss out of goons
Put words and verbs into circulation this disturbs perfect nation and soon
Express in speech and quotes in stress to reach folks like the six oclock
News fix the block with grooves not involving crime like Jay-Z hard knock
Life, like candidates participate in sick debates then articulate verbally loud
And proud, look a thug galore go to the drug store with prescription and clouded
Bling looking like an Egyptian king yall can call me pharaoh this place crowded

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