Black Poetry : Gothic Heart

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    I look to the sea

    viral implications take me to the surf

    along the rocky ledge leads to an old abandoned house

    you hear the intense pounding of the waves outside

    a cobblestone walkway lines the entrance to the enclosure

    the limestone permeates the small structure

    a creaky door open to plants inside having moss

    an old woman perched in her rocking chair begins to speak

    "My name is Martha I'm the owner of this home & I will tell you your future,

    you have a dark gothic heart with a temper that is unmatched."

    Suddenly a black cat thunders through the home with a screeching noise

    Martha continues," The devil lead you to this home in search of blood for tormented souls,

    you have been given a gift with an aura of sophistication".

    At that the woman said nothing more but pointed at the door

    Outside in the back of her yard were skulls lining the main exterior

    I couldn't take it any more so I ran so fast to a nearby stream

    Looking into the water I then saw my mere reflection

    I was left to wonder what the old woman really meant

    a figure moved to help me gain my composure

    of that of a hunch back creature having viscous fangs that bite dripping blood off side

    Again I ran away to hide frightened

    At last a nearby meadow with a clearing sought me to venture further

    It was then I realized the true message of my gothic heart

    a cool breeze calmed my spirit & soul

    noting that love was the mere essence of my existence

    I sat alone & collected my thoughts