Black Poetry : Got wet flows and a set of clothes made from same fabric have a lame habit when he dress to impress


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May 11, 2006
Got wet flows and a set of clothes made from same fabric
have a lame habit when he dress to impress notes in his tablet
show that check his deck of playing cards because he's staying
hard like spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs be no delaying
this flight to reality, post quotes but most folks require a feast
and a desire for peace, praise good work amazed the hood at least
on alert, come with facts and romance put on an act to advance
and rap to a chick HE SAID: “ BOO sick rhymes stick in my mind chance
to rap he wear raw bling and she draw and sing plus sew and cook
his flow took her brain by surprise bet wet flames in your pies look
this is BLACK HIP HOP in VIRGINIA BEACH you red bone with yellow
skin and sweaty thighs girl you got class in silk your breast mellow
want a glass of milk, bet your pie spin like high wind try again
to get some, under tremendous stress sex a continuous process to win
a girl dressed in a three piece suit a beast in a coupe with the top
let down a hot corvette in town, this stuff slaughter fast the plot
is like water on grass it soak in and he's spoken right on the spot
and be joking a lot oh he really want some so don't come whack
his stuff is fact if he talk soft she' gonna wanna walk off inexact
about his motive, so boo let me git wit you suck a tit or two” “Naw
player tit for tat gonna have to work to git that love and kisses are raw
like KFC Cole slaw with a biscuit but don't get this twisted throw some
gravy on it, oh she was so hot down there juice around everywhere thumbs
but not her dress, she got a rose in the club and was expose to love breast
prepare for fresh air and suggest new pair of panties
prepare for fresh air and suggest new pair of panties, she's dispatching the best
dirt while wearing no less than a matching skirt snatching up jerks by the collar
got a ton of breasts but this not a contest where folks compete try get some holler
back because my pie tonight is in your eyesight is try fight but maybe too late you
gonna go crazy on my cake I must use caution and check before we date boo”
“HE SAID: FEEL a slight whirlwind and hope she's the right girlfriend want a dollar
out of fifteen cent, be true at HOOTERS look at new computers which is bare metal
can't wait to configure it make it bigger and legit got waves and my hair settled
after some BLUE MAGIC hair grease want an affair in peace then try peddle
my bicycle to the beach, gee I must say you just the way I thought you was
look boo my mind drift a lot and if my words flop I'll be in the drop top alone
going home love the tone of your voice it actually leaves me in the twilight zone
no choice got a class task but this is my last gasp to keep love alive nowadays
at the club to survive, want chocolate tonight and like a rocket flight amazed
ready to take off in cake it's soft it make me cough it's so sweet toss unique
butt and boys eat that up huh?” “NAW PLAYER not a true MICKEY MOUSE seek
a new house from the attic to the cellar catch static like STELLA when I try
get my groove back using smooth fact this boy wanna kiss my lips as my pie
awaits, like a surgeon I explore wounds use galore perfume and boys wanna
knock down the door to my room, got sweaty yellow thighs and I'm gonna
use lotion on them oh a yellow Soul Sista go through a lot in VIRGINIA
BEACH saw an absent minded man put salt in his coffee and sugar on his eggs
like the faculties of sight and taste tonight my waist is touched too much pledge
to run from the heart when the fun start having keen sense and smell as a teen
convinced oh well something is about to go down, so you hunt at dusk in a green
forest and stunt is a must
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