Black Poetry : got some pie crust and boys come by bus and then try thrust tongue down her throat she run around town and hope to escape this one great kiss can set


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May 11, 2006
got some pie crust
and boys come by bus
and then try thrust
tongue down her throat
she run around town and hope
to escape this
one great kiss
can set it off
her thing already wet and soft
boys soar galore
from door to door
could be a bore in the store
she's brown Puerto rician chick
speak Spanish
and on the street vanish
into a crowd with soft lips
and boss hips
her style renown
visible for miles around
“SO BOO your groove today
is to move away
from love talk boys will trap
you in their rap boo and perhaps
go to bed, his script static with handles
been through diplomatic channels
and will blow up
he wants her do-nut
he have twisty dreams
about her Krispy Cremes
now this is Black Hip Hop
in VIRGINIA BEACH non stop
she was in the stairway
didn't do her hair today
her panties is a pair not to be played
with, they wet and silk
a boy can get milk
from her breast
he pay rent no doubt galore
ate went out to the store
have facts and a black cell phone
and long to be swell and back home
see a Puerto Rican girl with pie crust yo
and he really must go
and chat with her
let love stats occur
gonna be late for work
her wet cake perk
her body known for gravy
he's definitely gone crazy
try spy and get pie
a jet fly
above the sky
so doves reply
“NAW PLAYER: he come hot and freaky
but she's not sleepy
his plot long
but not strong
wit this boy she had perfect cake
to circulate
it was worth it to take
a trip smooth down town
she move her hips and thing around
a boy kissed her lips in high school
and the drips fly made a pool
on the floor here to aim and learn
but this boy here to gain and earn
a trip to the bedroom
her lips red and doom
this boy carried her books
to class
Its a pleasure to measure
and find the size the treasure
is wine and pies write in his ledger
the day they met
her thing stay wet
this is all habit
ready to install cabinets
this Fall got a rabbit
foot for good luck
on the beach with agility
ready to teach ability
give a speech the silly
don't listen, go to Philly
in a drop top drink BUDLIGHT dilly dilly
SHE SAID: off into **** tradition
but really ambition
is a desire for success
and it may require breasts
she's a shook honey
she took money
from her inside pocket
got pride and chocolate
like a Hershey bar
have mercy in the car
got cake galore
can't take anymore
must escape the store
trapped in Walmart
this boy raps from the heart
wow her pie spin
like a high wind
boys try begin
an affair that end
up in the bedroom
she has class in silk
but like a glass of milk
need a doughnut
while the wind blow up
under her dress
and thunder is best
to describe this
boys arrive with a list
of things to do with a brisk
kiss at the end to reminisce
at night his lips itch
then flip a light switch
and think about chicks


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