Black Poetry : Got class and write but do you remember last night at //


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May 11, 2006
Got class and write but do you remember last night at //
The party this girl had a phat body time flew like a bat //
I rap fast ;use a slapdash piece of work wanted to feast //
Under her skirt, bet her body a renown taste wanna at least //
Wrap my arms around her waist, dress to her thighs and she //
Have breasts and pies a mini-skirt deserve plenty work I be //
Thinking, i bet she let her boyfriend kiss her lips a lot they //
Take trips in the drop top hugged up while the CD play //
Ride through the city the true nitty gritty about to take place //
My facts deep try to get back on my feet it hard to do chased //
On whack streets desire charm but duck firearms and taste //
Victory in the history of success mystery and finesse regained //
My position, recuperate make a super escape hide and maintain //
Trust cake never frustrate so i must take a slice on a plate keep //
My nice fate the price is great in a particular category go deep //
Into a quicker story, dust fly in satisfaction when i justify an //
Action in bed now you a KOREAN GIRL it seem the world plan //
To love you and you a mellow oriental yellow here in VIRGINIA //
BEACH you strive for stats and arrive at conclusion using ninja //
Knives to cut through red tape now you lace itch at a place at //
Which i wanna scratch and dispatch a kiss feel me boo? Stats //
Is that of queen yellow oriental thighs for my eyes to see girl //
Lets date let me git wit you and suck a tit or two you then hurl //
Some panties, now you a hot chick toting chopsticks with pearl //
Handles a girl that wear sandals and goal is to get some SEOUL-
JU and chill out, i was screwed here in the groove made a shrewd //
Career move that got me here with you boo got a love attitude //
”NAW PLAYER persuaded a clown then paraded around town //
In a mini-skirt and my panties was pure wet a sure bet down //
There on getting some you come into the club with a dumb //
Menu of love and expect girls to fall for that want quick luck //
So can pick up a chick but the trick is not to duck the wisdom truck //
I’m a hot queen but not to be seen headed for the doorway with //
More to say but in the line of fire a boy see mine and desire swift //
To ask for some, you wanna grip my waist and kiss my lips at //
Your place, you wishing for sweets like fishing fleets twisting phat //
Cleats in the dirt while you chase my skirt, as a girl try have peace //
With men but an east wind blew my hair these boys love talk never cease //
So heads up you want bed luck and KOREAN GIRL knows this you try //
Flow after a kiss quick on the take you want thick cake but brick could //
Take a building down, KOREAN GIRLS IN virginia beach go through a lot //
“HERE CONVINCED being sincere and intense come a long way good //
Behavior could be acute boo so I salute you these changing fashions got
Me rearranging my passions, you got sweet pies and you streetwise not //
Your average chick and facts come in lump like an attack of the mumps //
On the computer tweets are feeble and some street legal come in clunks //
Be with a KOREAN GIRL a chance like this I want romance and a kiss //
I smash with game but it’s a crash that never came now clever and tame //
Like a puppy and hype like a yuppie wanna live uppity but i can’t blame //
It on the alcohol like JAMIE and T-PAINE did, now girl emotions flame //
this is witty and graphic Like city traffic, lust and fun this must be done //
trust no one, concern with chapters a firm of rapper undertook no gun- //
Play on the runway to success i stay abreast of the game construction //
And production is key when we kiss want some lips so I can come to grips //
With your waist now you KOREAN with sweaty oriental yellow thighs //
And mellow vibes on the CD like OTIS REDDING you know this describes //
A wedding so we heading to the bedroom“NAW PLAYER I flirt around //
Town but my skirt is down and boys work to try lift it up but i frown //
And jest walked away wanna talk all day with chalk I can display a //
Picture and have a KODAK moment a snapshot and rap a lot today //
My body peanut butter and chocolate you eat legit REESE’S in bits //
And pieces I got butter you wear bling wreck wisdom got wits //
and quotes a mechanism consist of ropes and my thing brisk like //
Boats on the float the facts are seizing while you in the act tonight //
to squeeze my waist and please my lace to tease is bad taste awight?” //
“BOO I race to the club with taste buds for a honey and spend the night //
If the situation begin right, girl you got booty and lace body has a fruity //
Taste I rap tonight with an appetite got a map in my right pocket my duty //
To use it, try flow devine and show signs of love here in VIRGINIA BEACH //
It all start in the hallmarks of love from Walmart to the club and reach //
Out and touch you we go home have fun inside eat sun-dried tomatoes //
Wanna rub your breasts softly and sniff tantalizing aroma of fresh coffee //
Take your dress off see your body, you have a fleshy butt i’ll say, bossy //
And sway like freshly cut hay, even a hound could follow the scent going //
Downtown and holler after I pay the rent girl the juice in your thing flowing //
Like crazy that’s that KOREAN GRAVY ‘OH KOREAN GIRL go through a lot //
Here in VIRGINIA BEACH boys wreck a TOYOTA. detect an odor hot //
so perfume is in the room so don’t sniff you may want to lift my skirt //
my mind drift but I’m alert so like BIFF on Back to the Future alert //
Like MICHAEL J FOX AND DOC “I hate cow manure” so a girl jest twerk //
This stuff no joke and like a puff of smoke boys huff to poke my panties //
in the air, look i write with plan and like a white van I’m seen in the parking //
Lot chilling on dubs and thrilling clubs strut butt and get drinks marking //
My spot which is hot I toss this now the remains of a lost kiss had been //
Found in the ground under a pound of dirt i jest walk around and flirt then //
So I'm a real find and sex appeal is mine and boys deal with wine when //
Boone Farm is involved so pass the glass allow me to sip with my lips //

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