Black Short Stories : Got Caught Sleepin.

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    In the Country..
    I was riding around in my '85 Coupe DeVille, original creme colored paint that make Lexus owners cry when i wax leaned back as far as i could relax. i pulled off the freeway and made my way towards the shopping center. i had my system turned up, the bass was sounding lovely. i must have had a new crossover wired up and a new eq...YEah! somebody musta hooked me up. I pulled up on the parking lot. I had CDs everywhere..i was bumpin tha Luniz second disk. Off da heezey fo sheez... I was finna pop in that DMX with that song with him da LOX and Murda Mase, then i seen i had the new,new! DMX double-disk uncut Murdad out version with the Horror cover on the disk and everything. I mean if you seen the feature, it was straight Hellraiser, i gotta vomit.!..

    So i'm bumpin... I ride by the lil hair stores, shoe store, chinamin rice shop..i pull into a parkin space in front of the lil supergrocerymall.
    *(be peaceful yo, this dream is a few days old)*
    i walk up in the spot, i ain't lookin all that fly, but i just got paid. i stopped at the afro-boutique booth in the front after i peeped out everybody leavin out the store, everybody ringin up, da workas, and they mama... son, so now i'm chillin at the booth. leanin on they glass counter checkin out this fy-yine sista that don't even look like she see me puttin fingasmears all over they clean glass. i see the undacova-cop peepin me in the back of the booth while he talkin to the dude who looks like the manager or somethin.. i give tha cop a whut-up nod...he got on some undacova afta work clothes, but they so dingy they look like pajamas..he look cool though. The manager nods at me, as the yung lady at the booth finally ask me "whut da deal".. "Ai-ight, Miss Lady..whassup..Ay, lemme chek out some o' dem oils ya'll got. Somethin that smell sweet, but spicey, so it smell like i look good. Naahmean?..," i says to her. She smiles and kinda roll her eyes. "yo kuntry az.," she say, gigglin. She lets me check out this one fragrance o' oil, and she was on point, off top. It smelled like some o'dat Wolfgang Joop mixed with some of that ole Polo. I'm like, "tite, you can bag I'ma need me a new gole chaine an a piece to go wit it. Not no big piece, jus som'n lil..i ain't rich or nothin," i says. Soon i say that, it's this Kat comin out of the chekkout line without a bag in his hand, i had seen him over therr a minute ago talkin to a shorty..he kinda grillin me upside my head while he walkin by. The manager and pajama cop (dude this cop swole as hell, look like he live in da gym-short mf) are just getting up from their conversation walking to the front of the booth. They both peep dude, but i don't pay him no minde. I'm smilin at this yun lady all in my face, while she tellin me, she finna go home to her man and her niece..the manager can help me pick out a chain and a piece. I'm like, "Aiight, cool..."

    The girl went head and split. The manager pulled out this lil az girlfriend-getalong chain, i laughed a lil and pulled out about 3 inches and told him i came to shop. He raised his brow, wiggled a few keys, and he pulled out some Figaros and assorted Herringbones. I was like "bet". I picked this phat Figaro lookin ' wasn't bangin glass tables, but i knew it would split my chest real nice in the summa with that phat lil diamond cut arrowhead i was peepin out. So i paid dude, he said he was about to close up and asked if he could help me find anything else. I said naw...i still had plenty of scrill and seen some stuff i like, but i ain't want to walk away from the dinna table wit my stomach all big. The security (undacova supa'swole pajama cop) was walkin out when i was about ta leave. He went out the door ahead of me...i went and walked out after i stepped to da side and let this lady with her daughter and sun pushing a shopping cart walked thru da door...
    Aiight. I step out into the freshe air. I got my chaine and piece in my stash spot already, and my LaLaSmellMe is in the bag in my hand. I see the pajamacop out the side of my eye spittin game at that little dude's mama, but what i'm seein right in front of me is that tall az mf that was all in my grill in tha sto', taking advantage of my broke-out passenger window with plasta-tape on it...He already got my door open. I don't say nothing, i put my smellMe in my pocket, an i rush him. Mannn!this dude is madd tall, like i could barely get a punch to smash his grill on the first throw...he gotta be 6'8, 6' i'm like *** dat. I grab him up and do my it a headlock?,is it a piledriver?, nah, it's something like a souflex move... Now i'm bashin this kidd head in the ground... Ohh, i'm jus beggin i can buss his head wide opin or break his neck..for messin wit' my Lac. He woulda got my exclusive DMX and my Luniz disc. So ai-igght, i got to smash his head like twice, then he get up do some crazey judo shy7 that kinda stun i'm standin by my car, i start movin towards him while i'm lookin right?..and he goes into his coat. An he pull out a gat... it look like a nine, an i'm sp-sp-spooked. Even though i knew it was a dream, i knew i wasn't strapped rite then. Soon as i seen him pull out, i jump in the air just as he let off a shot (i can jump up a good eight or nine feet, flyin, you know-kinda hoverin like them vampires in that Aaliyah movie-i done got good at this over the years)... Man, dude missed me. I come back down to the ground, and this dude is puttin up his strap, and i just watch him go get in his ride, and ride behind where i was parked and then around the dark end of the parkin lot. I'm like man, i coulda blasted that fool if i was strapped... I close the passenger side of my hooptie, an get in the other side. I start up da ole 4100 p.o.s. motor..put it in low gear and start slowly tracing where dude jus crept... I pop in the DMX w/ the LOX and Mase da Sinasta Minista, Swizz filled da beat fulla holes...i'm like i wanna get outta here!/i wanna murda you! I'm bumpin..supaswole pajama cop step up and tell me to hole'up...he seen what just happened, where i'm headed..

    One..peace out to all My Souljahs
    One love, One thug

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    word this was one of them soap type story i be diggin dis one
    nice write here