Black Poetry : Got a wet thirst and things could get worse in this car, a honey // with charm not a funny farm pan

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    Got a wet thirst and things could get worse in this car, a honey //
    with charm not a funny farm panties all wet and juice be runny //
    you wanna feast on rum then increase the sum of kisses to my //
    red lips and that make a girl head trips, end up in bed with pie //
    like PATTI LABELLE need a baby daddy swell enough to rely //
    on for child support, so you want true cake I must find an avenue //
    of escape you talk love facts galore do you have a back door? You //
    you got me wet like a shower do I get a flower out of this? But who //
    knew it would end like this with men one bright kiss could start a new //
    chapter in a girl's life if she hurl some nice tongue, some hot cake //
    carry a lot of weight and boys plot to take that, so girls stay awake //
    in Virginia beach and here a group of folks shoot hoop and dope //
    tie loops with rope and try tie down girls with pie brown in hope //
    they can get some, my pies you crave to wreck best behave with //
    respect if you wanna do well I got blue belle ice cream boy lift //
    my dress make my mind drift in stress I jest say stop it they sniff //
    and my dress tail go back down, my lips are red smoke you want //
    sex to go ahead as hoped oh gosh my bed will be broke so don't //
    get it twisted sex can be wet and ballistic and yet boys kiss it everyday //
    they try fetch a dame for home and etch my name in stone carry me away //
    for sex ride in a drop thing ready and hot they got pride like FETTY WAP //
    they look at my thighs rather they sweaty or not got cake like BETTY CROCK //
    so in a drop top it's HIPHOP with pancakes that get flipped a lot like IHOPP //
    this boy rap facts and like flap jacks it's all bread I could fall in his bed if //
    I'm not alert already sweaty in a hot skirt so here in his car my mind jest drift //
    stuck in a car hard to duck a bizarre kiss really not up for this stuff happens //
    when boys huff and puff do rapping it's rough trapping a girl with words slapping //
    her ears, strange strife bring about a change in life and this affects girls and wreck //
    worlds of love affairs, alert a bit mini-skirt fit my flirt legit can even twerk it a deck //
    of cards couldn't gamble with this still hard to handle a kiss scramble for a brisk escape //
    but could twist my fate, trust no boy they go for the gusto to enjoy got a list to debate //
    wanna regulate my body and beg for cake at a party you wanna a quick chick to rate //
    like SLICK RICK take a lotty dotty situation get spotty for a hottie like me so make //
    your peace got that cake you can feast on, you wear bling want hotter cake wanna bring //
    my body to the proper state or position great competition do exist one true kiss do sings //
    a song then the doorbell rings ding dong a boy bring home the bacon then eat grocery //
    with sweet notary in Virginia Beach the twerking broader body in working order poetry //
    on the rise a strong disquise this boy surprise me so now on the side of the road shook //
    we were kissing and listening the to JAMES BROWN and right out his play book //
    he wanted me to “give it up and turn it a loose” but I'm concern about the juice //
    I guess my pie is bless, try stress “sexual healing” like MARVIN GAYE boost //
    his intentions not to mention his hormones and its shown that boys wanna unzip //
    and let it rip in the form of wet drips on the backseat while facts beat so hip //
    on the CD guess these are “good times” like CHIC the type of sweet stuff that //
    boys do here in Virginia Beach can't ignore the shores or beach goers in the phat //
    sun, but above the rim a few say sweet it love on a two way street I'm talking like //
    the MOMENTS now, but let me get back to wet facts and situation at hand all type //
    of stuff this boy has jazz in his plan and like the DAZZ BAND wanna let it whip //
    he may get to kiss my wet lips but a threat trips through my mind my end on the tip //
    of his tongue, its been fine got cream but its a thin line between “love and hate” //
    these PERSUADERS are something else they all out for self so in the club elevate //
    guess I'm ready tonight but like BETTY WRIGHT saw a “clean up woman” dang //
    she'll a girl's man in a heart beat she's part street so like HALE BERRY boomerang //
    come back I got thumb tacks to hang them on walls while rapping HIPHOP slang //
    you wanna excite my lips and like GLADYS KNIGHT AND THE PIPS and bang //
    kid my jar lid is tight game like a “Midnight Train to Georgia” this is static and like //
    the DRAMATICS I'll stay true but “Hey You Get off my Mountain” too much hype //
    you want cake that's a fact and like DRAKE you going back to back boys ready to strike
    like a rattle snake and battle for cake wanna straddle my saddles but wait my breasts great //
    but must hesitate and dedicate this kiss to love alone you wanna rub on my thighs too late //
    my true fate is to leave here, sex is not a whack habit with code and right up the street //
    is Jack Rabbit Road then I264, well this is the way the story go kinda unique and sweet //
    boys say I dress fly because I impress with pie put on a mini-skirt went o BEST BUY //
    oh yes to try and buy a decent computer, my voice is dope a boy's choice woke my pie //
    up I try duck but like AFLACC I'm half quack with webbed feet a celeb sweet so try //
    be famous like AMOS and ANDY, boys look at my brown thighs wanna mess around //
    wit my pies, that fact unusual like a whack musical they sing and dance in the town //
    a thing of romance is going down so they dance in the rain like FREDISTAIR and //
    be ready for an affair nothing compare to that boys loving that for real gonna be a fan //
    due to subsequent love events had to reconsider my position it could cause bitter //
    friction, a cutie with endurance and my booty influence boys have but no litter //
    involved jest glitter on the job so you loyal with UNIROYAL tires and a pipe fitter //
    at night, but meanwhile I'm a queen with a smile at BEST BUY and love multiply //
    right here on independence road boys want butter quick and some other chicks //
    strut butt up in here, need a computer to unfold and like the SUPER BOWL quick //
    for some romantic action like JANET JACKSON tender cake wanted by JUSTIN //
    TEMBERLAKE or lights out like BEYONCE but now here in BEST BUY trusting //
    my intuition been through friction computer broke not super dope not to have internet //
    at unique odds with GEEK SQUADS checking out street gods not a winner yet //
    I guess a Dell will do me well, I can tell this is a hot spot for a date a sure bet //
    so I jest flirt breasts in a mini-skirt or dress and boys alert to jest holler at //
    me, I jest strut butt look at television and make swell decisions scholar stats //
    I guess beauty is mad treasure and this add to a boy's pleasure fill with thrills //
    mad but no way to measure but I jot down hot nouns in my ledger to fulfill //
    my destiny with a recipe now this boy come with a plan great as I stand and wait //
    in line for the GEEK SQUAD a street god thug at best and love jest seem to come //
    over me for some reason guess it's the dumb season for hugs and kisses so from //
    booty to duty for a cutie to jest listen best chill wit the kissing for now a girl //
    can mess up I jest grab my breasts and duck right here in BEST BUY the world //
    is a ghetto I'm ready to let go of some of these emotions which will hurl //
    like seas and oceans and now a breeze and lotion on my legs my hair curled //
    so here comes and odd guy with luck need to modify his conduct must alter //
    his attitude or you gonna falter dude he's coming this way name probably Walter //
    he may speak some weak retard jive and I need a hard drive and the GEEK SQUAD //
    gonna bail me out I'm a fine female no doubt and prevail stout in beauty my bod //
    leave boys rubber necking right now a lover connecting to BEST BUY products //
    one hug not enough boys jest love this hot stuff can't stop the huff and puff shucks //
    that's my luck, just because I come here solo don't mean I'm plumb loco so much //
    static and fun being wet its like a dramtic sunset it brighten up my day in search //
    for my panties

    now we in BEST BUY and oh yes I'm that guy and I sugguest pie is on the menu //
    girl I'm so into you boo, got them hips and lips that drive me wild and I been through //
    stuff just looking at you, I see you cute no dispute over that fact, hips banging boo //
    let me make a date for some cake, shook with hustles look at my muscles so wham! //
    I'm strong just may buy a SAMSUNG and alekazam! Take you home you jest ham //
    girl I speak flows and this receipt shows that I accept money so help honey let go //
    take a ride need cake inside my whip wanna collide with your lips and kiss them yo //
    and get some wet tongue also, got a spinal and visions, make final decisions //
    this is a wet start and I must set apart my feeling my heart revealing divisions //
    not dealing with pigeons, wanna a tight chick for tonight's pick to take home //
    and my words make for a strong case don't want the wrong lace my cell phone //
    don't ring right even though my bling out of sight and no doubt tonight it's on //
    need your mad treasure to add to my pleasure so lets go to the Ghetto wanna
    squeeze your waist and please your lace that'll ease this case of hormones gonna //
    run me crazy want fun and gravy boo, got bling and stats so please style bring cats //
    to their knees so yall take your hat off to these after a soft breeze it's cats and rats //
    like TOM AND JERRY you a calm black berry, we chat aimless boo you phat //
    blame this on your moms. Put boards up with rusty nails jump in my ford go //
    down dusty trails, adored the crusty pie of females and my love words soared doe //
    you a chick supporting the hood and DICK'S SPORTING GOODS is right up //
    INDEPENDENCE BOULEVARD on the right maybe wrong tonight my flow luck //
    jumping about to blow up need a DUNKIN DONUT and boo you got that phat hole //
    in the middle and my goal is to fiddle wit it, so boo lets don't waste time lets roll //
    home and taste some wine let me grab your waist girl you plumb fine and I bet //
    sometime you let your boyfriend go crazy on it, but I'm gonna need a headset
    and you lips red and wet so they wait for a kiss for real, so trendy when you speak //
    and WENDY is across the street they sell beef on a gravy pattie boo let me be your //
    baby daddy, the menu of a dame is to continue to remain but my aim is to get some //
    girl you're very dope and I may need a heavy rope just to tie my mind down, dumb //
    not to think ahead when your slip pink and lips red we can trip in the bed drink rum //
    I use wild influence which is a trial of endurance my style of insurance is to protect //
    and flow correct when it comes to love talk so boo I think I love you true and direct //
    I try stay bold but wan tyou to play the role of being my girlfriend, adopt a belief //
    HIPHOP is brief you sweet I'm convinced you speak in defense of love like KEITH //
    SWEAT make a lady scream baby girl got cream need a Mercedes to swirl the scene //

    I know I got breasts and pie right here in BEST BUY I can testify to that //
    have phat cake to fit the mood, come legit no fake atitude to my doormat //
    I'm equip with lips and hips and boys wanna flip my pies because they are //
    the proper butter size and shape boys surprise my cake when in their car //
    but you joking around and your car could be broken down can't start love //
    without a spark plug and Walmart is hugs and kisses but you be part thug //
    now I'm in BEST BUY and some boys sugguest that I let them mess with //
    my pie wanna carress and taste a piece can have a brown lace feast the gift //
    to lift my skirt up and be alert with a cup of coffee in one hand take a swift //
    sip, sweet got class must complete this task and be on the street atlast so //
    feet don't fail me now this female must prevail somehow love is a fast go //
    it excite men if a light wind lift my skirt boys will lose their mine they could //
    make good headway my lips cake red today and in the bed a boy lay wood //
    been around enough and got some real brown stuff, huff and puff it's all good //
    comes to hips check it they brown and round and you a suspect downtown //
    while I move my thing around to the sound of the CD, I'm above the rim //
    with pie and love to improvise, even wimps tries to get some lights dim //
    don't shine bright wanna drink wine all night I'm not a phat treasure at //
    your pleasure, pay plenty rent at any extent so I'm bent out of shape stats //
    counts in fat amounts no doubt friction without restriction, as much as is desired //
    a soft touch is required but you can't rub my thighs or plug my pies and be fired //
    up, I think you wanna advance toward romance with a chance to kiss my lips //
    right here in BEST BUY then try get some I'm aware of those tricks //
    and the juice flows thick down there my panties are wet real quick //
    you want me under bed sheets fast so you can complete the task flicks //
    shown BEST BUY TV'S today and the CD'S play the music make me hot //
    and this boy won't stop he really want some, what's a girl to do in this case //
    begin with a kiss then the lace they reminisce when they taste tongue it's a race //
    to the bed room but first the roses in red bloom keep a girl head tuned to space //
    I'm a thunder girl in the underworld like vampires with revamp desires for blood //
    in your car wanna drive and race we arrive at your place we'll be just left the club //
    give me a deft hug next thing sex ring on complex bedsprings where else for love? //
    but to your bedroom? Guess I'm gonna stay clear and get away from here scrubs //
    come a dime a dozen I spent time with my cousin and she explained everything //
    now a serious matter occur GEEK SQUAD must do a data tranfer a virus exist //
    I'm pissed and this boy right here wants a kiss can't reminisce my thoughts twist //
    without a computer, some wear a bandana and boss and like DIANA ROSS they //
    wanna “touch me in the morning” too much of a warning the sex is about to play //
    out somewhere don't give me that dumb stare I'm plumb aware of the situation //
    this computer is hell and alive I'm about to buy a DELL i-5 inspiron no hesitation //
    and some girls are celebs cute but on my computer the WEB ROOT let me down //
    have to discuss this stuff with GEEK SQUAD this boy wanna take me to his car it sound //
    like he want some wanna be a dame sincere oh no I'll remain here he's really a true love
    kid and EUCLID RD runs to the side of BEST BUY he wanted to bless my pie and rub //
    my thighs, in other words it's butter absurd if I bust it open my pie crust smoking //
    boys lust and choking when they see me, so really I just strut butt shake it joking //
    around, ok I be fine but you should resign but keep in mind I'm sweet and divine //
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