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    I don't have all the details I saw it on BBC world news, but from what I understand is the Brits just passed or are in the process of passing a law that they can detain and arrest any citizen in the UK that they suspect as a threat to what they claim is their national security this law gives them the right to lock this person up for 5 yrs while they build a case. also they can out these people on house arrest and cause their phone and computer unacessable, France also has the same law but the lock up lock down max is three yrs while they buils a case, Now maybe I'm missing something but is that in place here ( I know about Guatalemo Bay) but are there laws in position here to do the same and if they are not what are we going to do when they come are we going to resist or our we going to comply? If we are going to resist then we must do it together. What are your thoughts
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    This has been in effect in the U.S. when it comes to treason or national security the government can override any jurisdiction or any contitutional right or ammendment it has to assure the public safety and this nations existence. Sadly many innocent get swept up for no other reason than guilt by association. Though we are free to express our pleasure or dissatifaction the current leadership and the laws of the land we must be careful. There is a way to demonstrate peaceful protest without breaking the law or being seen as a threat to the establishment. It's called voting. But you say what the voice of the disinfranchised? Do they not have a voice? Sure. The power has always been with the people. This is way they are many level of government. Also no situation is permanent. This is the beauty of our government. Bad times don't last. So I suggest we as a people raise up leader that represents us and our cause. Change starts at the individual level first.


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