Black Poetry : Got a plan hoping there's a ban on smoking girl your thighs wide open got pies wanna be stroking a sweet kiss on a complete list of lovers let me spea


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May 11, 2006
Got a plan hoping
there's a ban on smoking
her thighs wide open
got pies wanna be stroking
a sweet kiss
on a complete list
of lovers let me speak this
try realize
that her pie a surprise
so pie rule
in high school
she's elegant in dress and behavior
so its relevant that her breasts are major
boys wanna kiss off her lip-gloss her pager
beep, a boy roll up in a jeep and want some
got Ebonics and apparatus
and try have economic status
he want mad cake forever
they may graduate together
can tell strange phat stories
arranged in categories
and it'll be great
especially for cake
NAW PLAYER it's distinguish
she use street English
to jest bring this
to a conclusion
no true confusion
and her skirt is down
and so she flirt around
definitely alert in town
and boys try get some
right off the bat
because she a soft stat
her panties they jest toss that
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her panties they jest toss that
these boys should take off their hat
plus all the haters are lost rats
now this is Black HIP HOP PHAT
in VIRGINIA BEACH where yall at?
Got a TOYOTA its dope
but like a motorboat
it could capsize
so he have to rap wise
jest to stay afloat
she have enough cake to slaughter
and not suffocate in water
she's black Soul Sister
considering her wish
and like glittering fish
it swam by
boys wanna bam! Bam! her pie
so ironic how sex look
need an economic textbook
to figure out things
may need bigger springs
on the car birds sings
on the car birds sings
go ahead
surrender your hips
and tender lips
he's self aware
and his mind is elsewhere
she wanna leave but won't dare
oh she was so hot down there
“SO BOO you got phat lace
so he's at that place
somewhere in this matter
a kiss could scatter
love must use a ladder
to climb above the rim
like 2PAC done wearing Tims
all his thoughts are facts
but was caught in the act
of thinking about pies
while winking his eyes
at chick, he see lace
he have to retrace
to get, it be a race
to the finish this affair has taste
in the staircase, this boy talked crummy
and walked her home humbly
to her door
wanted to do more
so boo can I come in?
we drink some gin?
Like a gas tank ready to fill up
but still stuck
ready to build up
his vocab
when he go to the lab
“girl your breasts bless and sweet
got me restless and can't sleep


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